May 18
García & Bodán Collaborates with INTA on the Unreal Campaign in Honduras

The law firm of García & Bodán, in the interest of promoting the development of new industries and the protection of such efforts, took part in Unreal Campaign, an awareness initiative led by the International Trademark Association (INTA). On Thursday April 6, 2017, Graciela Cruz, Senior Associate of García & Bodán, presented the Unreal Campaign to students at the Universidad Católica de Honduras (UNICAH). 

Approximately 80 second-year law students taking courses in Commercial and Administrative Law attended the presentation. The objective of the conference was to provide the students with information on general aspects of intellectual property. The students were instructed on how counterfeiting can be fought in Honduras through educating both consumers and businesses on the issue. 

Attorney Carmen Pinto, Main Director of the UNICAH Law School, helped with the meeting logistics and introduced the students to the concept of intellectual property. The presentation provided an overview of copyrights, patents, trademarks, piracy, and counterfeiting. Graciela Cruz also shared some relevant professional experiences involving counterfeiting and protection issues. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered individually to make sure that everyone in attendance had a clear understanding of the importance of trademark protection.

García & Bodán will keep working with INTA and will continue advising students and entrepreneurs in Central America about the importance of this practice.

To learn more about the Unreal Campaign, visit Thank you to the 2017 sponsors for making these events possible. 
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