May 21
INTA's Board of Directors Meets in Barcelona

I am excited to welcome everyone to Barcelona and INTA’s 139th Annual Meeting, the largest ever with over 10,500 registrants! In addition to the Saturday educational events that kicked off the meeting, the Board also held its second meeting of the year.

As part of its full agenda, the Board received an update on INTA’s Moot Court Competitions. The Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition, now in its 27th year, is an annual event honoring Saul Lefkowitz and introduces law students to important issues arising in United States trademark and unfair competition law. We are delighted that law students in the Asia-Pacific region will soon have the opportunity to participate in INTA’s Asia-Pacific Moot Court Competition launching in Singapore this September.

After hearing from William Rava and Peter Brody, members of the Legislation and Regulation Committee, the Board of Directors approved a resolution calling for an amendment to the Lanham Act to include a rebuttable presumption of irreparable harm in actions brought under the Act.

Finally, the Board heard from the 2017 Brand Restrictions Response Presidential Task Force Co-Chairs Burkhart Goebel and Kathryn Barrett Park. The Task Force’s primary objectives are to examine the various shapes and forms of brand restrictions, such as plain packaging, standardized packaging, and laws introduced to ban or reduce the use of characters (which are trademarks) on packaging. This Task Force will look at these types of restrictions and come up with ideas about how INTA can look to address them on a proactive basis. We look forward to receiving the Task Force’s final report and recommendations later this year.

The first day of the Annual Meeting was a productive one for the Board and we look forward to the rest of the meeting being equally productive and enjoyable for everyone. 



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