June 09
The Unreal Campaign Visits Peru for the Second Time

On April 6 and 7, 2017, the Unreal Campaign was presented at Prescott Anglo American School and Max Uhle German Peruvian School in Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. 

This was the second time that the Unreal Campaign presented its program in Peru. Both schools are private and were founded in 1965 and 1956, respectively. Currently, these two schools are among the only three institutions that offer the International Baccalaureate in Arequipa.

Mr. Jean-Carlo Costa and Ms. Luisa Alvarez (INTA members and associate lawyers at BARLAW-Barrera & Asociados in Lima, Peru) conducted the presentations for more than 400 students ranging in age from 14- to 17-years old. The audience also included ten teachers.

Each hour-long presentation included a display of the Unreal Campaign learning materials and three Unreal Campaign Spanish videos. 

Students showed their interest in trademark protection, enforcement, and the consequences of buying counterfeit goods, as counterfeits make up such a huge market in the country. They were particularly attentive when the presenters shared their own personal experiences as lawyers regarding counterfeit goods and the way these goods are spotted, attacked, and taken off the market. Students were particularly surprised to find out the amount of money that circulates within the counterfeiting market that could otherwise benefit the community in so many ways.

Both sessions were highly interactive, as students and teachers traded their ideas and opinions on the importance of trademarks and the drawbacks of manufacturing, selling, and buying counterfeit products.

On this second visit, we were pleased to find that students now had a preference for buying genuine products and had a good basis of understanding how to spot fake items. However, most students were not aware of the dangers of buying counterfeit products and did not understand the way that specific items may even harm their health or cause terrible accidents.

Students particularly enjoyed guessing which products in a display were counterfeit and which were authentic. Teachers thanked the presenters for their initiative and stressed the importance of such events, noting that schools are currently developing their own programs of “awareness on academic probity.”

Finally, the presenters invited students and teachers to join and follow Unreal Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We will continue to present the Unreal Campaign learning materials in other Peruvian schools throughout this year.

To learn more about the Unreal Campaign, contact INTA's Senior Communications Coordinator, Laura Heery at 

Thank you to our 2017 Unreal Campaign sponsors: 

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