July 17
Unreal Student Engagement Session Held in Nigeria

UnrealNigeria_071717.jpgOn Thursday June 8, 2017, a student presentation was conducted at a GR8 School located in the Ajah area of Lagos state by Ms. Lara Kayode, Chair of the Unreal Campaign Committee of Africa and Asia and the Principal Partner at the law firm of O. Kayode & Co.

The presentation, made before 20 students ranging from 12- to 16-years old, had as its objective the sensitization of teenagers to the importance of trademarks and intellectual property and to the dangers of patronizing sellers of counterfeit products.
Students in attendance displayed a high level of interest in the topics presented and participated eagerly in a brief quiz held toward the end of the 45-minute presentation. There was visible enthusiasm among the students. Such a positive student response suggested that a lot had been learned during the session.
Based on the student reaction, we can say that this is another achievement for INTA’s Unreal Campaign Committee in Nigeria, in terms of creating awareness in young people of the importance of brand protection and the negative implications of counterfeiting and piracy.
Thank you to our 2018 Unreal Campaign sponsors for making these events possible. Please visit to learn more.
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