November 13
Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, DC

With the 2017 Leadership Meeting taking place in Washington, DC, we were honored and privileged to have INTA’s Annual Meeting of Members and the last Board of Directors meeting of the year take place at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). At the Annual Meeting of Members, where the Regular Members of the Association elect members of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year, the following new Directors were elected:

  • Marie-Laure Bonnaffous, FENDI ADELE SRL (Italy)
  • Annabelle DanielVarda, Google (USA)
  • Cecilia Emanuelson, Inter IKEA Holding Services S.A. (Belgium) 
  • Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property (Brazil)
  • Jeremy Kaufman, Netflix, Inc. (USA)
  • Uche Nwokocha, Aluko & Oyebode (Nigeria)
  • Joan Pinaire, Realogy Holdings Corp. (USA)
  • Melody Schottle, Exxon Mobil Corporation (USA)
  • Kowit Somwaiya, LawPlus Ltd. (Thailand)

Then, at the Board of Directors meeting, the Board elected the Officers, Counsel and Advisory Directors for 2018:

  • President – Tish Berard, Hearts On Fire Company LLC (USA)
  • President Elect – David Lossignol, Sandoz International GmbH (Germany)
  • Vice President– Ayala Deutsch, NBA Properties, Inc. (USA)
  • Vice President – Tiki Dare, Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • Treasurer – Zeeger Vink, Maus Frères (France)
  • Secretary – Jomarie Fredericks, Rotary International (USA)
  • Counsel – Anna Carboni, Redd Solicitors LLP (UK)

Advisory Directors

  • Andrea Gerosa (Switzerland)
  • Doug de Villiers (Africa)

The Board passed two important resolutions:

  • The Copyright Registration as a Precondition to Infringement Suit Resolution recommends that courts permit infringement actions to proceed when a copyright owner has filed an application to register a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, along with the required application and fee, rather than requiring applicants to obtain a registration certificate back from the Copyright Office before filing suit.
  • The second resolution adopted Model Design Law Guidelines, which will serve as a standard for INTA analysis and comment on national and regional design laws and regulations.

The Board discussed the updated and expanded report on “Best Practices for Addressing the Sale of Counterfeits on the Internet,” which outlines best practices for internet service providers, search engines, auction sites and payment providers. 

The INTA Brexit Position Paper was presented to the Board. This is an analysis of INTA’s concerns about the impact of Brexit on intellectual property rights. It discusses what the Association believes should be the required core principles for Brexit and the key issues to address. These positions will be the basis for INTA’s continued participation in consultations and user meetings conducted by the EU and the UK.

The Implementation Plan of the 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan was presented to the Board and was shared with everyone at the Strategic Plan presentation on Thursday, November 9 at 11:45 am.

The Board received the Brand Restrictions Presidential Task Force Final Report, which recommends areas for action/future study, as well as strategies for advocacy and communications efforts to raise INTA’s visibility on brand restrictions within a defined scope of issues.

In other important business, the Board approved the 2018 budget. 

​Ribbon cutting ceremony at the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.  

During a lunchtime ceremony, I was pleased to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of “The Power of Trademarks Exhibit,” sponsored by INTA, in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. This exhibit is designed to help consumers recognize authentic consumer products.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board members who will conclude their Board service at the end of 2017:

  • Catherine Boudot, Biofarma (France)
  • Peter Dernbach, Winkler Partners (Taiwan)
  • Elisabeth Escobar, Marriott International, Inc. (USA)
  • Elena Grimme, Microsoft Corporation (USA)
  • Brenda M. Wood Kahari, B.W. KAHARI (Zimbabwe)
  • Stacey Berg Keller, Citigroup Inc. (USA)
  • Christy Susman (USA)
  • Brian J. Winterfeldt, Mayer Brown LLP (USA)

Finally, I would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers of INTA who contribute to the success of the 2017 Leadership Meeting!

For more information on INTA’s Leadership Meeting and the National Inventors Hall of Fame, please read the December 1 issue of the INTA Bulletin



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