April 20
INTA's 2014 Spring Delegation Tour

One of INTA’s goals for this year’s Spring Delegation Tour was to build bridges with other organizations in Asia – and to build upon our past successes.

The delegation, led by INTA President Mei-lan Stark and INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, kicked off in late March with its first stop in Japan. Cherry blossoms were already in full bloom.  If spring is a time for new beginnings, INTA took the opportunity to take its first meetings with Customs and the IP High Court. We also met with government partners at the JPO and association counterparts at JTA, JPAA and JIPA. The INTA community is eager to see amendments to the Japanese trademark law that will include non-traditional marks. We have been supporting these legislative changes, as expressed in our comments to the Industrial Structure Committee Report of the Japan Trademark Legislation. We are also eager to work with Japanese counterparts on programming in the future on these dynamic branding methods.

INTA at the Japan High Court
From Japan the delegation traveled to China, where we were welcomed at a standing room only luncheon on Online Counterfeits. Discussion with INTA members, including Alibaba, one of our newest members from China, was both fruitful and informative. INTA plans to follow up on this successful event in Beijing in October. The luncheon was followed by a meeting with the National Leading Group (NLG) on the Fight Against IPR Infringement, and we now look forward to future interaction with the NLG at the Annual Meeting. A media roundtable later in the week with major Chinese media outlets have led to a flurry of reporting
2014 INTA President Mei-lan Stark presents at the anticounterfeiting luncheon

In Myanmar, INTA continues to build awareness around the role of trademarks in the country’s economy. Myanmar continues to prepare for the implementation of first Trademark Law, currently being drafted. INTA submitted comments last year and we hope to see speedy passage of the law. During a roundtable discussion with a number of stakeholders in Myanmar, including APAA Myanmar Group, UMFCCI and IPPAM, these organizations described how they see a path forward, through trademarks, toward a healthy innovative economy in Myanmar. The visit also included a meeting with our friends at the Ministry of Science and Technology and Customs.

Stopping briefly in Singapore, the INTA delegation consulted with IPOS, our first MOU partner in the region, on upcoming events in the region. They were pleased to announce their IP Week events to INTA, which will play a role in the events. At our final stop in Hong Kong we met with APAA President CK Kwong at his offices. Looking forward to the Annual Meeting next month, we expect to see many shared members at the event. HKIPD was also eager to show off Hong Kong and has been proven instrumental in organizing an Unreal Campaign Student Engagement Session. The Hong Kong Convention Center (HKCEC) then gave Etienne a preview of the facilities. HKTDC also looks forward to the event and to showcasing Hong Kong as an IP Trading Hub.
Meeting with the HKIPD
While this is only a small preview of what is to come in Hong Kong – it is also a preview of what INTA will be doing in Asia in the near future. The green shoots of spring are only just beginning to sprout!



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