May 08
Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is about 8,500 trademark professionals more crowded today, and INTA couldn’t be more excited to welcome them! This year, the Annual Meeting marks a milestone in the Association’s history—it is the first-ever to be held in Asia, featuring the largest number of attendees ever from the region.

It also includes the most first-time attendees; to those who are new, get ready for a week full of education, networking and fun! As I told the INTA Bulletin in January, I still remember my very first Annual Meeting—the 121st Meeting in Seattle, Washington in 1999. Despite its vastness, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. It may be the largest trademark event in the world, but the Annual Meeting has always had a very intimate and collegial feel to me, and I hope that will be your experience in Hong Kong as well. I encourage you all to introduce yourselves this week to both myself and INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo—whether just to say hi or to ask us any questions you may have. 

And to those returning, welcome back; I’m so glad you could join us in this truly unique and vivacious city. Hong Kong is known for its picturesque skyline, its impressive harbor and its reputation as one of the five most important world cities. I hope you take this chance to explore it and to learn about its unique history.

Because most trademark professionals are young at heart, we know you won’t want to miss our Grand Finale on Wednesday, where you will get private access to Hong Kong Disneyland. Be sure to buy tickets for your guests at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre before Wednesday.

I’ll be writing again on Sunday to provide an update from tomorrow's quarterly Board of Directors meeting.

Enjoy Hong Kong. See you at the Welcome Reception!



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