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Annual Meeting of Members

INTA President Ronald van Tuijl called the meeting to order at 8:30 am on November 15, 2016, at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida, then turned the meeting over to Secretary Tiki Dare.

Ms. Dare certified that the official notice of the Annual Meeting of Members was mailed on October 28, 2016, and requested a motion that the notice be filed as part of the minutes of the meeting. Jomarie Fredericks moved that the notice of the 2016 Annual Meeting of Members be filed as part of the minutes of the meeting, and David McDonald seconded. The motion was passed on a voice vote.

Ms. Dare reported that the total number of INTA Regular Members was 1,069 and that a quorum of Regular Members as defined in the Bylaws was present in person or by proxy. Mr. van Tuijl declared the meeting regularly and lawfully convened and open to transact business.

Mr. van Tuijl reported that the minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting of Members were published and circulated to the members and asked for any amendments or corrections. There was none. Elizabeth Pearce moved that the minutes be approved as published and Ms. Fredericks seconded the Motion. The motion was passed on a voice vote.

Mr. van Tuijl called on Treasurer Ayala Deutsch to deliver the 2016 financial report on the affairs of the Association. Ms. Deutsch made the report and Mr. van Tuijl called for a motion to approve it. Mr. McDonald moved that the report be approved and Ms. Pearce seconded the motion. The motion was passed on a voice vote.

Mr. van Tuijl stated that the President’s report on the activities of the Association during the 2016 year would be presented at the Opening Ceremonies of the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at 4:00 pm at the Fira Gran Via Convention Center in Barcelona, Spain.

J. Scott Evans, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presented the report of the Nominating Committee. Mr. van Tuijl advised that no nominations for these elected offices were made other than those proposed by the Nominating Committee. Ms. Fredericks moved that a single vote be cast for the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates for election to the INTA Board of Directors and Mr. McDonald seconded. The motion was passed on a voice vote and the Directors were elected.

Mr. van Tuijl asked if there was any new business and there was none. He asked for a motion to adjourn. Ms. Pearce so moved, Ms. Fredericks seconded, and the motion passed.

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