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BRAZIL: Getting Closer to Madrid

Recent announcements from the Brazilian National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) and an approval on April 9 by the Brazilian Federal Government’s foreign commerce chamber (CAMEX) are strong indicators that Brazil will soon be joining the Madrid Protocol.

The changes announced by INPI include:

  • The intention to reduce the trademark examination period to 18 months by January 2014 and to nine months by January 2015.
  • Increasing the number of examiners from 53 to more than 150 by hiring 17 additional examiners in 2013 and seeking federal government approval to hire 90 more.
  • Launching a new internal software database that (1) will allow for multiclass applications and multiple applicants; (2) allows the user with a password to see documents filed (other than oppositions or nullity actions not yet published); and (3) is Web based.

Although CAMEX first recommended accession to Madrid in November 2006, INPI Trademark Director Vinicius Bogeá Câmara indicated in a recent speech that this time Brazil has the support of its industrial sector necessary to make joining the Madrid System a reality.

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