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November 15, 2001 Vol. 56 No. 21 Back to Bulletin Main Page

Honoring Ms. Jones

The large room seemed small as throngs of loyal friends and colleagues gathered together to honor a very special mentor and friend.

Charlotte Jones (right) with her sister, Marge

The evening of November 9th was unofficially dubbed "Charlotte Night," bringing together throngs of members, not only from The Trademark Reporter®, but also notable association leaders and staff from all corners of the world.

The reception held a dual purpose in that it doubled as a retirement party as well as an anniversary celebration.

Charlotte Jones, who has for forty years managed the prestigious trademark law journal, The Trademark Reporter®, was leaving.

Beginning her career with the then United States Trademark Association (USTA) in February of 1962, Ms. Jones started working for the Association as a "Girl Friday."

Eight months later she was hired to take charge of The Trademark Reporter® with a cautionary note from the then Executive Director Dorothy Fey that they would "give it a couple of months to see how it works out."

Forty years later, Charlotte's relationship with The Trademark Reporter® has more than just "worked out."

Today, The Trademark Reporter® is read by nearly one hundred twenty nations as one of the most respected trademark law journals of its time. Every year, trademark professionals around the world eagerly await the latest International Annual Review of Trademark Jurisprudence, introduced in 1993 by Charlotte, and the Annual Review of The Trademark Reporter®.

In addition, the list of The Trademark Reporter® Editors-in-Chief read like a list of "Who's Who in the Trademark World," and include 2000 President's Award winner Alvin Fross and INTA past counsels Miles J. Alexander and William M. Borchard--all who have gone through Charlotte's rigorous editor training process.

However, the beginning must have been trying at times. In 1962, the USTA had only seven full-time staff members-a far cry from today's 45. Yet, this staff was able to organize and hold a number of forums and a larger Annual Meeting every year.

In addition, the Association published a number of publications other than The Trademark Reporter®. Said Charlotte: "With only a few staff members, there were times when everyone had to work on one project or meeting in order to finish on time. Although it was hard work, we didn't mind because Dorothy [Fey] appreciated it."

Over the years, Charlotte has worked with two other Association Executive Directors besides Ms. Fey--Robin Rolfe and Alan Drewsen.

She has trained and nurtured many editors during this time. In The Trademark Reporter®, editorship is something that does not come easy. An Editor-in-Chief does not come to that position until he/she has worked in every position at least once--a process that takes approximately 14 years to finish.

As one can imagine, working for 14 years with one person, nurtures relationships akin to family. At any INTA meeting, Charlotte can be seen surrounded by an adoring group of editors.

But perhaps the current Editor-in-Chief Theodore Max said it best when referring to Charlotte's love for the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, "Her style and personality are always positive and winning. Charlotte is truly a Hall of Fame player."

Charlotte will be succeeded by Ms. Randi Mustello, who has been working with Charlotte for the past two years.


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