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INTA Delegation Travels to Buenos Aires for ASIPI Event, Government Meetings

From December 4–7, 2016, INTA President Ronald Van Tuijl (JT International, SA, Switzerland) and External Relations Associate for Latin America, Gabrielle Doyle, attended the XIX Work Sessions and Administrative Council of the Inter-American Intellectual Property Association (ASIPI), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mr. Van Tuijl and Ms. Doyle took the opportunity to meet with government officials, local associations, and members from the region to discuss collaboration projects and current events in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The INTA delegation, which included Latin American and Caribbean members as well as INTA representatives, met with a variety of IP offices from the region. On December 5, the delegation met with Ray Meloni, Director of the Distinctive Signs Division of Peru’s Commission of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) to discuss IP office updates in Peru and the dissemination of the Latin America Impact Study. The INTA delegation also met with Damaso Pardo, President of the Argentina National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI); Carlos Gallo, the Director of Trademarks; Matias Schweizer, INPI official; and Mercedes Cullen, International Relations Coordinator at INPI. This was INTA’s first official one-on-one meeting with Dr. Pardo and his team. The discussion included collaboration events for 2017 and INPI’s modernization plans for the next three years.

On December 6, INTA held a meeting with Eliseo Montiel Cuevas, Director of Trademarks at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), in which they touched on the success of the 4th Annual Training Seminar that took place in October this year and plans for next year’s event. Later that day, the National Institute of Industrial Property Chile (INAPI) gave a presentation to the INTA delegation on the vast updates the Office has made in the last year and their online portal titled “INAPI Proyecto.” INTA ended the day with a meeting with President of the Andean Community Tribunal of Justice, Justice Hugo Gomez Apac. The INTA delegation learned of the Tribunal’s modernization efforts and commended the Tribunal’s various initiatives to advance processes. Finally, the delegation met with the USPTO IP Attaché for Mercosur, Laura Hammel, and Maria Beatriz Dellore, Regional Legal Advisor for Intellectual Property, and talked about the USPTO’s view of the region in terms of challenges and opportunities for cooperation. INTA looks forward to working together on joint events in 2017.

During the ASIPI Congress, INTA also had the opportunity to meet with the presidents of the national IP associations of Argentina and Brazil, Carolina Fernandez of the Argentina Association of Intellectual Property Agents (AAAPI), and Maria Carmen de Souza Brito of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), respectively. Each president presented on the status of IP in their respective countries and the possibility for joint collaboration projects with INTA. 

INTA ended the ASIPI Congress with a high-level presentation of the just-released Latin America Impact Study. The study was officially announced, and released to the public, during a series of launch events that took place in the five countries included in the study, namely, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Peru. Each event has been organized in collaboration with ASIPI and each country’s respective IP office and will include a press conference and roundtable meeting with government officials. The Spanish version of the study is available here. The English version will be published in the coming weeks.

At the ASIPI Work Sessions presentation, Mr. van Tuijl, ASIPI President Maria del Pilar Troncoso, and ASIPI/INTA Impact Study Project Team Co-Chair Juan Berton Moreno (Berton Moreno & Asociados, Argentina), provided attendees with an overview of the study, including the reason for its development, methodology, the value of the results, and next steps. Attendees at the panel included IP Office representatives, corporations, and local members.

For more information on the Latin America Trademark Impact Study or INTA’s initiatives in Latin America, please contact Gabrielle Doyle at

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