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INTA 2016 Leadership Meeting: The Future of Trademarks Is Brands

INTA President Ronald van Tuijl (pictured right) told registrants at INTA’s 2016 Leadership Meeting that “sound personal branding is not only good for us, our careers, our firms, and brands, it’s also good for our Association and our community.” Mr. van Tuijl was addressing INTA committee members and Association leaders at the Diplomat Resort and Spa Hollywood, Florida, USA, where the Leadership Meeting was held from November 15–18.

Before presenting the Association’s Pattishall Medal for Teaching Excellence of Trademark and Trade Identity, President’s Award, and Volunteer Service Awards winners, Mr. van Tuijl expanded on the theme of personal branding, which has been developed over the last several years by INTA past presidents. Beginning with Past President Mei-lan Stark (NC Universal Media, LLC, USA) in Hong Kong, INTA’s recent presidents and leadership have emphasized the importance of thinking beyond trademarks. “Trademarks enable consumers to make quick, confident, and safe purchasing decisions, whereas brands resonate with all of us on a personal level and have the power to make an emotional connection,” said Mr. van Tuijl. He noted that INTA members who advocate on behalf of the Association to governments around the world are leveraging the INTA brand, which is comprised of the collective reputations and personal brands of its membership.

As the concept of brands is a key component of the 2018–2021 Strategic Plan, INTA is working through committees such as the Brands & Innovation Committee, the Public and Media Relations Committee, and the Building Bridges Committee to communicate this new approach, said Mr. van Tuijl.

INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo (pictured below) also addressed Leadership Meeting registrants, updating them on the Board of Directors Meeting held on November 15, as well as the year’s activities and achievements. At the Board Meeting, a new Board Resolution was adopted on the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs. The Board also elected a number of new Directors, Officers, and Counsel during the Board Meeting.

Since the Panama Leadership Meeting, some of the major milestones for the Association include the rapid internal response to the “Brexit” vote and its impact on trademarks; the registration of an Asia-Pacific Branch Office in Singapore; the first-ever Board Meeting held in China in September; the announcement of a Latin America Representative Office opening in Santiago, Chile, in 2017; and much more.

The Leadership Meeting was co-chaired by Barry Cohen (Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC, USA) and Cathy Lueders (MasterCard International Incorporated, USA). The program featured three days of educational sessions on cutting-edge topics, including sessions on trademarks in the booming craft beer industry; implications for trademark owners of the opening of the Cuban marketplace; navigating IP issues unique to entrepreneurs and startups; and the impact of the “Brexit” vote.

On Thursday, November 17, INTA’s Leadership Development Committee, through its L.E.A.D. (Leadership Enhancement and Development) initiative, introduced former NASA Astronaut Michael Foreman, who is now Vice President of Business Development, Venturi Outcomes LLC. Mr. Foreman spoke on leadership as seen through the eyes of a recently retired U.S. astronaut who flew on two Space Shuttle missions (STS-129, STS-129) and conducted five spacewalks. He described his journey from military service into the civilian world, to his critical roles in the development and accomplishment of tasks and missions both on land and in outer space.

INTA would like to thank the sponsors of the 2016 Leadership Meeting, Kashish Intellectual Property Group, LexOrbis, R.K. Dewan & Co., and TrademarkNow.

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