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Member Spotlight: Chehrazade Chemcham

Chehrazade Chemcham, an associate in the New York office of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P., has extensive experience in international trademark policy, having worked for over six years at INTA as International Government Relations Coordinator and External Relations Manager for Europe and served as staff liaison to many policy-focused INTA committees. She currently serves on the Anti-Counterfeiting and Enforcement Committee.

Chehrazade, who is French, of Algerian descent, says she “fell into” the trademark profession. In 1996, while vacationing in the United States, she met her husband, Dean, and they kept up a long-distance relationship until she moved to New Jersey to join him in 1999. Her goal before relocating was to have a job lined up in her new home. She answered an ad in the New York Times, and, once hired to work in INTA’s communications department, she relocated for love…and trademarks.

Having studied political science at La Sorbonne University, Chehrazade sought a position in the communications field, and her education, background and bilingual abilities made her the perfect candidate for the INTA job. As a communications specialist, she answered all types of trademark questions from Association members, the public and the press. She was quickly promoted to various positions within the External Relations Department. As External Relations Manager, she facilitated EU-focused policy committee work, developed policies with members and leaders, advocated INTA policies in government and public forums and represented INTA before EU institutions and other organizations. Chehrazade was instrumental in creating INTA EU-focused initiatives and in the opening of the INTA Brussels Office.

Ms. Chemcham decided to take her appreciation for the trademark field one step further by getting her law degree. Her colleagues at INTA were supportive while she worked full-time and attended law school at Rutgers University School of Law at night. She now practices in Fulbright & Jaworski’s IP Group. Chehrazade says, “my experience at INTA helps me as a junior associate almost every day…[it] helps me to understand better what my role as a trademark advisor is, the critical importance of brand selection, the importance of proper trademark protection and [to] understand the challenges brand owners face nationally and internationally.”

When asked about her hobbies, she smiled warmly and said that as a first-year associate, she spends most of her free time catching up with her husband, Dean. Together, they enjoy travel, hiking and whale-watching in Canada.

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