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Member Spotlight: Verena von Bomhard

Verena von Bomhard is Bavarian by birth but European by heart. After qualifying with a doctorate in law in 1994, she started out in Lovells’ German predecessor firm in Munich, working in administrative law, before moving to the trademark group in Hamburg and ultimately to Alicante in January 1996 to establish the firm’s office there. At that time, she had little trademark experience but did speak fluent Spanish.

Verena thinks she was lucky entering the trademarks field at a time when European trademark law was new and Community trade marks (CTMs) were only just about to come into existence. She finds trademark law fascinating and especially appreciates working with clients on an international basis. “The multitude of nations is interesting when handling CTMs,” says Verena, who particularly likes developing enforcement strategies for CTM owners. Getting each trademark the protection it deserves is a most important issue for her.

From managing the day-to-day business with one secretary, in 1996, Verena’s everyday work has changed to the extent that today she oversees 17 lawyers and a total staff of 50 people from 12 countries. Verena insists on advising clients herself, however, considering the legal work her “real” job.

To Verena, INTA is the quintessence of what it is to be active in the trademark field, combining personal and professional relationships. She finds it amazing that trademark lawyers from all around the globe can participate in discussions where everyone understands each other. Verena’s first Annual Meeting was in 1996 in San Diego, where she was put to work immediately on the project team for the Annual Meeting in Boston in 1998. Since then, she has co-chaired the Annual Meeting in Denver in 2000, chaired the CTM Subcommittee and served on the Board of Directors.

Verena’s very first meeting at INTA with her very first client, Levi Strauss & Co., is still fresh in her memory. Halfway to the meeting, she realized that she was dressed in a denim shirt and jeans that were, unfortunately, not Levi’s, so she had to rush back to her hotel to change! She has now come a long way with regard to her sensitivity towards brands.

Despite all the energy and time that she puts into her profession, including her teaching at the Max Planck IP Master program in Munich, Verena still finds time for her family, ensuring she has the right work-life balance and enjoying sport such as hiking and skiing—“anything to do with mountains.” Her motto is “You don’t have time, you make time!”


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