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November 1, 2002 Vol. 57 No. 20 Back to Bulletin Main Page

Solidifying Relationships with Brand Owners


From October 8 to October 10, INTA representatives attended an intellectual property roundtable and met with Chinese brand owners and government officials.

On October 8, Executive Director Alan Drewsen, Asia-Pacific International Government Relations Coordinator Piin-Fen Kok and China Subcommittee Chairperson Laura Young attended a roundtable on intellectual property rights organized by the United States Embassy in Beijing. During the roundtable, Laura Young, who is a partner at Wang and Wang, gave a presentation on various trademark issues in China of concern to INTA members, including famous mark protection, documentary registration hurdles, license recordal requirements, administrative tribunals for trademark appeals, transparency and inconsistent trademark examination standards.

United States Ambassador to China Clark T. Randt, Jr., United States Assistant Trade Representative Joseph Papovich, and representatives from major industry and business groups in the United States and China attended the roundtable.

INTA also organized luncheons in Beijing and Shanghai to meet with Chinese brand owners and government officials. At the well-attended luncheons, Mr. Drewsen reiterated INTA’s commitment to long-term involvement in China, and outlined INTA’s plans for upcoming activities in the country. INTA was delighted to have Judge Liu Hui from the Beijing High Court as a guest speaker at the luncheon in Beijing. A spokesman for China’s Internet Network Information Center also attended to discuss domain name issues with participants.

INTA representatives additionally met with officials from the Chinese Trademark Association at the Beijing luncheon, and with officials from the Shanghai Trademark Association and the Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC), at the Shanghai AIC headquarters, to discuss the possibility of further cooperation between INTA and the two associations.

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