INTA Bulletin

Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the INTA Bulletin

The INTA Bulletin primarily relies on members of the INTA Bulletin Committee and INTA staff for content but does accept submissions from others.

Before writing or submitting an article for publication, authors are strongly recommended to confirm that their subject is available and/or appropriate for the INTA Bulletin. Contact the Managing Editor at

Articles should be prepared in Microsoft Word with minimal formatting. Heavily formatted articles or articles submitted in PDF format will be returned to the submitter. 

INTA Bulletin General Writing Guidelines

  1. Style: Write clearly and succinctly. INTA Bulletin items should use language that a worldwide audience can easily understand. Avoid legal jargon and colloquial language, which could mean something very different in a different region.
  2. Objectivity: Write objectively—provide facts, not opinions or judgments. Articles discussing disputes should present a balanced view and provide counterarguments where applicable. Authors may not write about a case in which they or their firm are directly involved.
  3. Verification: All Law & Practice articles (about new cases, laws or regulations) must be factually verified by someone from a firm or company different from the author's firm. The author may find a verifier or may ask the Managing Editor for help. The verifier's name will be published along with the contributing author's name.
  4. Photographs and Illustrations: Authors are encouraged to include photographs or illustrations with their submissions. Images should be in high resolution JPEG, TIPP, EPS or PDF format. Do NOT imbed images in Microsoft Word documents—attach them to the email as separate files. Indicate the source of the image copyright permission can be obtained, if necessary.
  5. Bylines and Attributions: Articles must be submitted with the author’s full name, company, city, state/province and country included in the text of the Microsoft Word submission.
  6. Citations: Citations should be to public services whenever possible (e.g., use the court’s docket number, not LEXIS or Westlaw, if an official reporter cite is not available).
  7. Editorial Process: All articles are subject to the editorial discretion of the INTA Bulletin Editorial Board. Editors are not required to show the article to the authorbefore publishing. If there is concern that the substance of the item may have changed during the editorial process, the Editorial Board may consult with the author. If only stylistic changes are made, the writer may not be consulted. Articles needing substantial revision may be returned to the author.
  8. Copyright: INTA owns the copyright for each article that appears in the INTA Bulletin.