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Volunteer Spotlight: Dianne Daley

Dianne Daley’s interest in intellectual property was sparked by her singing and song-writing talents, and so copyright law was her initial passion. Dianne’s first job in the field, in 1995, was as head of Jamaica’s Copyright Office, but before long her pioneering spirit had her venturing into legislative and policy issues that touched all major aspects of IP; representing her government at WIPO, UNESCO, FTAA and other forums; and, five years later, spearheading the formation of the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office, the repository for all locally registered trademarks, industrial designs and patents.

Dianne admits that she found trademark law “a bit more exciting than copyright” during her graduate studies at McGill University. Given her experience in government and growing interest in trademarks, when she and her law partner Nicole Foga started their law firm, Foga Daley & Co., in 2000, Dianne zoned in on trademark law, which steadily became her dominant practice area.

Almost the first order of business for the firm was to become a member of INTA. Consequently, in 2001, Dianne found herself on a plane to Washington, D.C., for the Association’s Annual Meeting. She has never looked back.

A prolific writer on intellectual property, Dianne has done a fair bit of teaching on the subject and chairs the IP Committee of the Jamaican Bar Association. She greatly values her affiliation with INTA, which she believes is essential if one wishes to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the trademark landscape, influence developments in the area and provide clients with optimal advice.

Over the years, Dianne has been actively involved in the work of INTA committees. Besides being a long-standing contributor to the online database International Opposition Guide, she has served on INTA’s Publications and Related Rights Committees and currently is a member of the Public Resources Committee’s Advertising and Related Rights Subcommittee. Coming from Jamaica, with its famous APPLETON Jamaica Rum and JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN Coffee, Dianne has a keen interest in geographical indications protection as a potential growth area for her country, and she closely monitors bilateral and international developments in this field.

Among the trademark portfolios Dianne manages are those belonging to Jamaican personalities, including Olympian gold medalist and world record holder Usain Bolt. In addition, there are home-grown brands with an international reach, such as WALKERSWOOD and BUSHA BROWNE’S, owned by Association Manufacturers Ltd and best known for their Jamaican Jerk sauces and seasonings.

When she’s off the clock, Dianne, a self-proclaimed “Food Network graduate,” is busy cooking up delectable treats, checking out new eateries in Kingston or enjoying a relaxing drive out to Jamaica’s North Coast with her beau, Chris. She also finds fulfillment in writing songs and singing at church, and hopes someday to release an album featuring her original Christian music.

Not surprisingly, Dianne’s favorite trademarks are in the food industry, particularly those that, when paired with a catchy jingle, can make a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers—for example, “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup!” What trademark would best represent her? “Well,” Dianne says, “I’m considered a supreme optimist, so I guess Jimmy Dean’s SHINE ON, owned by Sara Lee Foods LLC, may be a fitting one.”

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