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Apply for the Panel of Trademark Mediators

The application process for 2014-2015 is now closed. Applications are accepted once a year for the PTM. Please check back in September 2015 to apply.

Panel of Trademark Mediators Appointments

In order to maintain high standards, INTA requires that members of its Panel of Trademark Mediators have a well-grounded knowledge of intellectual property law, coupled with experience/training in mediation.

The rules below reflect INTA’s efforts, through its pertinent committees, to review and improve TMN standards. INTA reserves the right to change these requirements as part of its ongoing efforts to provide the public with highly qualified neutrals.

Membership Requirements

There is a US $100 administrative fee required to complete the application.

Applicants must demonstrate significant experience in the practice of intellectual property or trademark law and must be a member in good standing of the bar of a state or the District of Columbia, a federal bar or foreign jurisdiction, and be permitted to practice law in the respective jurisdiction. The applicant must be held in high regard in the legal community. In addition, the minimum requirements are either:

Reporting training and experience

TMN members are required to notify INTA of their participation in mediation and training. See Tools for Panel of Trademark Mediators


INTA may, at its own discretion, consider speaking engagements at mediation forums or seminars favorably when reviewing applications for appointment or reappointment, but such engagements are not required. The appointment, reappointment and removal of PTM members remains within the sole discretion of INTA. INTA reserves the right to change PTM membership requirements as part of its ongoing efforts to provide the public with highly qualified neutrals to accommodate the needs of each jurisdiction.