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Membership and Committees
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Do you need pro bono assistance from a trademark lawyer?

Assistance is coming soon. In 2016, INTA will be launching a pilot pro bono clearinghouse to connect those in need of trademark legal support with available trademark lawyers. The initial pilot program will focus on trademark matters falling within the United States, but INTA plans to expand the program on a global basis in the coming years.  
In the meantime, please see the below “International Pro Bono Resource Guide”, which highlights a wealth of assistance available now through pro bono organizations in a variety of countries. 

International Pro Bono Resource Guide

Search for Pro Bono Organizations:

OrganizationWebsite (Contact)
collapse Australia
Centre for Asia-Pacific Pro Bono
The CAPPB is a clearing house that seeks to maych requests for pro bono assistance from orginizations (including governments) in the Asia-Pacific region with appropriate international pro bono legal service providers in Australia.
Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic (HPLC)
Pro bono general free legal services to the homeless or people at risk of homelessness.
Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS)
General free legal services to homeless through a human rights framework.
Law Society of New South Wales Pro Bono Scheme
This is a clearing house that can put people in contact with law firms willing to provide general legal services for free/reduced fees.
National Association of Community Legal Centres
CLCs are independently operation not-for-profit community organizations that provide general legal and related services to the public, focusing on the disadvantaged and people with special needs.
National Network of Women's Legal Services
The NWJC is a coalition of organizations and individuals which aims to promote women's equality before the law in Australia.
National Pro Bono Resource Centre
National Pro Bono Resource Centre is a clearing house that provides general pro bono legal services to lawyers, law firms and the community sector.
Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Incorporated
QPILCH is a clearing house that provides general pro bono legal services for individuals and community groups.
The Law Society Northern Territory
The Law Society Northern Territory is a clearing house that provides a full general range of services to solicitors (particularly members).
Victorian Bar Pro Bono Scheme
The Victorian Bar is a private, voluntary, self-funded, non-profit professional association that provides general legal representation without fear/favour to the community.

Are you a trademark lawyer, firm or corporation wanting to provide pro bono assistance?

Pro Bono work provides many advantages for lawyers. In 2016, INTA will be launching a pro bono clearinghouse to match its member lawyer with pro bono clients in need of trademark assistance. Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved.  
In the meantime, please see the information in the “Benefits of Legal Pro Bono” and “Pro Bono Resources” headings below to learn how to build a pro bono program and find out about organizations currently looking for volunteers. 

Benefits of Legal Pro Bono
  • Take responsibility for your organization’s impact on the community.
  • Engage in voluntary programs to improve individuals’ quality of life.
  • Contribute to the progression of an ethical social and economic environment.
  • Enhance your organization’s reputation
  • Boost employee morale and foster teamwork
  • Fulfill ethical obligations

 Pro Bono Toolkit

INTA’s Pro Bono Committee created this Tool Kit to help law firms and corporations develop their own pro bono programs. The tool kit contains model documents, a discussion of potential issues, and a list of additional pro bono resources.

 Pro Bono Toolkit


 Pro Bono Resources


 Pro Bono Spotlights


 2015 Winners of the Pro Bono Volunteer Service Awards


 How to win a Volunteer Service Award for Legal Pro Bono

Are you an INTA member looking for information on INTA’s pro bono committee?

An important initiative dedicated to the advancement of trademark pro bono work globally.

INTA's main pro bono objective is to provide a gateway for members to access invaluable information on how to successfully get involved in pro bono programs. There are several ways to achieve this:
  • Create a team of member volunteers who are dedicated to furthering pro bono within the INTA community.
  • Provide links to websites of organizations that are involved with trademark or IP related pro bono work to show opportunities for involvement.
  • Highlight INTA members’ pro bono efforts.
  • Develop pro bono table topics and sessions at upcoming INTA programs.

Do you know an individual or organization involved in trademark pro bono, or do you have your own success story? Are you looking for Pro Bono assistance?

We want to hear about it! Email Stacey Sutton, Associate, Member Acquisition, at to have your experiences, guidance, and suggestions cited on our website.

Pro Bono Committee

Pro Bono Committee
Learn more about the Pro Bono Committee objectives, leadership and more.