Membership and Committees
Membership and Committees
Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a unique way for INTA members to develop new and meaningful professional relationships!

The Mentor Program is ideal for connecting with other trademark professionals, trademark professors or law students.

Two types of mentoring experiences are available:

INTA Leadership Development – Gain first-hand knowledge of INTA leadership, learn how to develop committee leadership skills and advance within the Association.

  • Mentor – Applicant must have held a leadership position within INTA. This includes the Board of Directors, Chair or Vice Chair position on a Committee or Subcommittee.

  • Mentee – Applicant is interested in learning how to advance in or attain a leadership position within the Association.

Professional Development – Mentor shares his/her personal knowledge in the trademark profession and offers career guidance.

  • Mentor – Applicant should be an experienced trademark professional who can dedicate time from their professional schedule to counsel and guide a mentee on how to enhance their trademark career.
  • Mentee – Applicant is interested in enhancing their trademark career through professional development direction.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and the program start date is based on the selection/assignment date and not application submission date. INTA does not guarantee Mentor/Mentee matching, as application criteria must first match within the application database. Please note that Mentors select Mentees and a one-year commitment is required.