Membership and Committees
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Membership and Committees
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

INTA is the leading network of trademark professionals—and that includes people who work with trademarks and brands at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs are critical to the global economy and the major source of product innovations. Like their larger corporate counterparts, SMEs need to protect their trademarks and associated intellectual property, and INTA is here to help.

The following resources are of particular interest to SMEs. INTA also welcomes SMEs as members.


 Free INTA Resources

Fact Sheets

Learn the Language
Trademark Symbols
Trademark Use
Trademark Registration
International Trademark Rights
Considerations for Selecting a Trademark
Domain Names
Differences Between Trademarks and Domain Names

Pro Bono for Small Businesses – the U.S. and Russian Perspectives

 INTA Brochure: Trademark Basics: A Guide for Business

Expanding Your Trademark into China: An INTA Guidebook for Small and Medium Enterprises

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 Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Care About Trademarks
Highlights the importance of protecting trademark rights like any other valuable business asset.

 Understanding Trademarks: A Global Perspective
A "Trademark 101" primer, discussing trademark selection, registration and enforcement.

 Proper Use
Learn the classic do's and don'ts of trademark use and provides illustrative examples of how to use marks properly to ensure that rights are maintained.

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