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8:15 am–4:30 pm  
Registration and Information Desk Open
9:15 am–9:40 am 
Welcome and Introductory Address  
  • Gerhard R. Bauer, 2011 INTA President, Daimler AG (Germany)
  • Sujata Chaudhri, Program Co-Chair, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman (United States)
  • Shwetasree Majumder, Program Co-Chair, Fidus Law Chambers (India) 


  • Mr. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland (India) 
Mr. Harkirat Singh hails from a family of industrialists and has been able to take over Woodland quite competently since 1989. Mr. Singh was always keen to take part in the family business since his tender age. He has done his bachelors in Commerce from Hindu College, Delhi, a marketing course from Harvard Business School and further pursued Philology from Moscow University. Even during his academic career, he used to spend his spare time in learning intricacies of the high fashion shoe business. On completion of his academics, he joined business full time concentrating on exports to Europe and US.

He has always been a firm believer of moving along with his team in all his ventures and achieving the aim of making Woodland, the premium shoe brand in South East Asia.

Mr. Singh’s acute perception of the market trends has assisted him to sustain the volume of business even in times of down-turns in the market, period of recession, keeping the brand on top, ahead of all competition.

Apart from work, Mr. Singh is also quite involved to pursue his personal interests and hobbies at a constant pace which vary from tennis, golf, all adventure sports, book reading, and follower of good music as well as a technology freak. He is also a lover of niche automobiles including cars, bikes et al.

 View Woodland company profile.
9:40 am–10:40 am
General Session I

A Penny Saved: Innovative Brand Management Strategies in a Post-Financial Crisis Era

Even in times of crisis, a company’s trademark portfolio and its global strategy cannot or should not be subject to short term limitations. Learn about adopting winning strategies in the backdrop of an economic crunch. 

Speakers will discuss:

  • Ways to prioritize trademark enforcement issues
  • Cost-saving filing and prosecution strategies
  • Global portfolio management skills that are resource-effective


  • Xerxes Ranina, Neolegal Associates (India)


  • Viren Razdan, Interbrand India (India)
  • Farokh N. Subedar, TATA SONS LTD (India)
  • Neil Wilkof, Herzog, Fox & Neeman (Israel)
10:40 am–11:40 am

General Session II

Turf Wars: Trademark Battles in Sports and Entertainment 

A unique spectrum of trademark rights governs the products and services in the sports and entertainment sectors. Challenges in enforcing these rights span across issues such as ambush marketing, violations of personality rights, etc. Discover sports and media management strategies that involve a mixture of law, policy and commercial negotiation terms.

Speakers will discuss:

  • Means to identify, secure and protect your rights
  • Evolving challenges to trademark enforcement
  • Trademark rights management strategies


  • Shwetasree Majumder, Fidus Law Chambers (India)


  • Simon Chalkley, Redd Solicitors LLP (United Kingdom)
  • Vineeta Gajwani, Electronic Arts Inc. (United States)
  • Mark Hill, The Rights Lawyers (United Arab Emirates) 
11:40 am–11:55 am
Networking Break
11:55 am–12:40 pm
General Session III

From Darjeeling Tea to the Delhi Commonwealth Games: The Intersection Between Trademarks and Geographical Indications

There is an oft-blurred line between a trademark bearing a geographical name and a geographical indication. This reality has recently been in the spotlight in India on account of the differing stands being taken by the courts, the GI registry and the Trademarks registry. This session will attempt to solve the conundrum and to lay out a framework for protection that should govern an evaluation of a GI versus a trademark.

Speakers will discuss:

  • Recent GI registrations in India and their impact
  • Global best practices
  • Future trends and recommendations


  • Rajesh Ramanathan, Udwadia & Udeshi (India)


  • Richard Gilbey, Gilbey Delorey (France)
  • Latha Nair, K&S Partners (India)
  • P.H. Kurian, Designs and Trademarks, Intellectual Property Office (India)
12:40 pm–1:40 pm 
Networking Luncheon 
1:40 pm–2:40 pm

General Session IV

Cyber Stalking or Fan Following: Opportunities and Challenges in the Virtual World

The ever-evolving world of the internet has presented brand owners with dynamic challenges relating to brand protection. From protecting your brand on social media sites to Google’s ad word policy, learn from the experts how they have successfully resolved, and continue to resolve, these challenges while maximizing the opportunities presented by these challenges. 

Speakers will discuss:

  • Infringement issues on the world wide web
  • Self help policies and tips for brand owners
  • Overview of issues raised in decided and pending cases in the United States


  • Sujata Chaudhri, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman (United States)


  • William Courtenay, Morgan Stanley (Singapore)
  • Justin Davidson, Norton Rose (Hong Kong SAR, China)
  • Sai Krishna Rajagopal, Saikrishna & Associates (India) 
2:40 pm–3:25 pm
General Session V

Many Shades of Gray: Contextualizing the Indian Parallel Importation Debate

There is a growing concern amongst brand owners in India over the constant threat of their goods, intended for other markets, being imported into India. With India having adopted the principle of international exhaustion of rights, learn how Indian policy and law makers are now trying to create boundaries to restrict the impact of parallel imports on the local economy.

Speakers will discuss:

  • The current position in India
  • The practical difficulties of preventing parallel imports
  • How the international community deals with the problem


  • Neel Mason, Mason & Associates (India)


  • Hemant Singh, Inttl Advocare (India)
  • Dr. Vishwanathan Seshan, Philips Electronics India Ltd. (India)
3:25 pm–3:40 pm
Networking Break
3:40 pm–4:40 pm
General Session VI

Madrid, the Trademark Capital of the World: Analyses and Forecasts as India Adopts the Madrid Protocol

As India inches towards enforcing the Madrid Protocol system, both in-house counsel and practitioners need to analyze the system and learn of the benefits and pitfalls. Brands also need to forecast the impact of this new system on international trademark filings. 

Speakers will discuss:

  • Best Practices
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Future Filing Trends


  • Santosh Vikram Singh, Foxmandal Little (India)


  • Jeff Epstein, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman (United States)
  • Gerhard Bauer, Daimler AG (Germany)
  • V. Ravi, Intellectual Property Office (India)
4:40 pm–4:45 pm 
  • Sujata Chaudhri, Program Co-Chair, Cowan, Liebowitz &  Latman (United States)
  • Shwetasree Majumder, Program Co-Chair, Fidus Law Chambers (India)
4:45 pm–5:30 pm
Networking Reception

Golden Gateways
San Francisco Welcomes the 133rd INTA Annual Meeting

 Project Team


Exceptional topics, faculty and presentations have come to distinguish INTA programs and earn them an unmatched reputation in the field of trademark law and practice. INTA owes this achievement to the many volunteers who so willingly contribute their time and energy to this effort.

INTA would like to thank the Project Team for its excellent work in planning and presenting this conference.


Sujata Chaudhri, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman (United States)

Shwetasree Majumder, Fidus Law Chambers (India)       

 INTA Staff Liaisons

Simran Daryanani Zainulbhai, India Representative (India)      

Peg Reardon, Manager, Membership Development (United States)

Stuart Ruff, Senior Meetings Planner (United States)

Project Team Members

Pooja Dodd, IP Gurus (India)

Anil George, NBA Properties Inc. (United States)

Neel Mason, Mason & Associates (India)

Rajesh Ramanathan, Udwadia & Udeshi (India)

Xerxes Ranina, Neolegal Associates (India)

Eesheta Shah, Nabarro (United Kingdom)

Santosh Vikram Singh, Fox Mandal Little (India)