About INTA
Vice President

Gabrielle Olsson Skalin
Inter IKEA Holding Services S.A.

Gabrielle Olsson Skalin is head of the Legal Department within the Inter IKEA Group and one of four managing directors of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. – the worldwide franchisor of the IKEA Concept to all operating IKEA Stores. The Legal Department of the Inter IKEA Group is responsible for all legal matters within the Inter IKEA Group, with emphasis on IP law, Franchising and Licensing as well as Financial law. This includes responsibilities for developing global strategies to secure trademark, trade dress, copyright and design protection and to secure the exploitation of such rights by franchising.

Ms. Olsson Skalin currently serves as the Group Officer of the Policy Development and Advocacy Group and on the Executive Committee of the Board. She has served on the Dilution & Well-Known Marks and Trademark Office Practices Committees of INTA.