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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I confirm my registration for an INTA event?
Upon completion of registration, an email confirmation will automatically be sent to you. If you do not receive your confirmation, please contact INTA Member Operations. 

How may I pay for membership and/or event registration?
INTA accepts Credit Cards and Checks as payment methods for all events. Wire Transfers are only accepted for membership dues. Processing fees apply to payments made by Check or Wire Transfer. 

May I send someone in my place to a meeting?
Registration for the INTA Leadership Meeting is non-transferable.

Your registration for any other meeting, including the Annual Meeting, is transferable to another person affiliated with your member organization umbrella (per INTA’s umbrella affiliation structure, subject to price differences). For assistance with this process, please contact INTA Member Operations. 

If I cancel my registration, am I eligible to receive a refund?
Full refunds for the base registration rate of most meetings will be issued only if a cancellation request is received by the specified date, as outlined by the dates and deadlines for the specific event. 

Cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee, or ineligible for a refund, as outlined by the dates and deadlines for the specific event. 

The fee for an original signed visa letter is not refundable at any time. 

To facilitate the refund process (for consideration), please submit your request to INTA Member Operations, stating in detail the reason for the refund request.

Please note: Refunds can take up to 14 business days to fully process.

How can I get a new copy of my certificate of attendance for an INTA event?
Please send your request to, and be sure to include: (1) the name of the state bar for which you require accreditation, (2) Name of the INTA event for which you require accreditation, and (3) your bar number(s).

How can I get a discount to attend an INTA event?
Join INTA and receive member discounts on all events and publications.

INTA also offers tuition assistance on meetings and forums to eligible IP professionals on the basis of financial hardship. Registrants with a total household income of less than US $35,000 per year qualify for this assistance. For more information, please contact to request an application.  

How do I apply to speak at an INTA event?
Please send your request, including resume/curriculum vitae, to If selected, applicants will be contacted directly. Speaking engagements are at the sole discretion of INTA. 

How do I host a roundtable?
Please send your request to selected, Roundtable hosts will be contacted directly.

Why does my organizations hold the INTA membership? Can I join INTA as an individual?

INTA is a trade association representing organizations, as opposed to a bar or professional association representing individuals.

Some categories of professionals are permitted to join INTA as individuals, namely, Individual Associate, Full-Time Academic Professors (non-adjunct), Full or Part-Time Students not currently employed at a Corporate or Associate member locations, and recent graduates who are currently unemployed (Student Bridging).

Applicants are ineligible for Individual Associate membership if they work at a firm with more than one employed attorney, no matter their specialty.

What is the difference between a Corporate and Associate member?
Corporate members are organizations owning one or more trademarks, or other marks.  Associate members are organizations that provide services related to trademarks, related intellectual property and/or the laws of trademarks or related intellectual property. Associate members do not qualify for Regular membership, even if they own trademarks. To learn more about INTA membership categories, please click here.

Can more than one location of my organization be a member?
Yes! Corporate Regular and Corporate SME members may designate an unlimited number of office locations for a single fee. The unlimited location fee for Regular+ members is US $2,000, and for SME+ is US $1,200. This represents a new opportunity for members that was adopted by the INTA Board of Directors in 2015. Dues for an Associate member with one location are US $1,200. Each subsequent membership is US $850 per location. The unlimited location fee for Associate+ members is US $9,700.

All individuals at your membership location will have access to INTA’s member benefits. If you have additional questions related to membership, please contact INTA Member Operations.

How do I add another office location to my global membership?
If the office location is not currently an INTA member, please have a representative from that office complete the online New Membership Application. 

What is a Designee? Can my organization have more than one?
A Designee is the primary contact person for an organization. The Designee’s name is displayed in the print and online INTA Membership Directory, and the Designee receives a complimentary copy of the print INTA Membership Directory, and also will be the point of contact for membership renewal mailings, member inquiries etc. Each organization is allowed only one designee.  Organizations may also assign up to two Administrators, each of whom have the necessary rights to renew membership.

How do I add people to my organization roster?

If you do not already have an INTA profile and you would like to add yourself to an organization roster, please Create an Account. You will need your Company ID (CID) in order to complete this process. To access your Company ID (CID), please contact your Designee. Alternatively, you may contact INTA Member Operations to obtain your Company ID (CID).

How do I take individuals who have left the organization off our membership roster?
Please contact INTA Member Operations for assistance related to organizational roster management. 

Why is my name not listed in the INTA Online Membership Directory?

The only names listed in the INTA Online Membership Directory are Designees, Additional Directory Listings and Committee members.

How do I change my company Designee, assign an Administrator and/or purchase Additional Directory Listings?
Please contact INTA Member Operations with any updates related to the Designee, Administrator(s) and/or Additional Directory Listings.

How do I become part of an INTA Committee?
INTA Committee Selection occurs every two years (next selection period begins June 2017). INTA members will receive email communications alerting them of their opportunity to apply for a Committee assignment. Committee assignments are not guaranteed.