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Programs and Events
Branding and Social Media Conference


 Thursday, October 3

8:00 am–5:30 pm 
Registration and Information Desk open
9:00 am–9:05 am 

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, Chief Executive Officer, International Trademark Association (United States)
9:05 am–9:20 am

Steven M. Weinberg, Conference Chair, Holmes Weinberg, PC (United States)
9:20 am–10:50 am


Branding: Past, Present and Future

Gain an overview of the evolving and dramatic changes in brand development and exploitation as impacted by social media and in consumer relationships to brands.  Marketing specialists will walk you through what “branding” is today; the elements of a successful brand strategy; how companies do branding; the impact of the Internet and social media; and the elements of a successful global branding strategy.

Ruth Lebed, SC Johnson & Co. (United States)

Peter Canalichio, The Blake Project (United States)
Derrick Daye, The Blake Project (United States)
Kirsten Recknagel, MotiveQuest (United State)

10:50 am–11:05 am
Networking Break
11:05 am–12:05 pm


Part I: Branding and Monetization: The Strategic Art of Building Your Brand

While there are numerous tried and true strategies for building your brand, the new digital landscape has opened a new door for brand owners to expand their options.  As they explore the lucrative “old guard” licensing and advertising methods for building your brand, our panel of experts will explain how to strategically exploit and manage brand building campaigns in the new social media space, how to develop a licensing strategy across the spectrum of old and new media, how to decide what to license and where, how to choose and nurture licensee relationships, how quality control has evolved in this new global marketplace, and what works and doesn’t work in the 21st Century license relationship.

Dana Gilland, Diageo North America, Inc. (United States)

Thomas Caravella, Diageo North America, Inc. (United States)
Michelle Landy, FremantleMedia North America (United States)
Jeremy Saul, ITB360 (United Kingdom)

12:05 pm–1:30 pm
Networking Lunch
1:30 pm–2:30 pm 


Part II – Branding and Monetization: Brand Extensions and Building Brand Value

Learn how major brands in different industries successfully extend into new product lines as a means to build their brands and the value thereof.  Discover winning strategies for consumer engagement and brand extension as well as the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls of breaking new ground in branding. 

Mona A. Lee, Hanol Law Offices (Korea)

John J. Cheek, Caterpillar Inc. (United States)
Alan Kravetz, Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America (LMCA) (United States) 
Alison Tan, The Procter & Gamble Company (United States)

2:30 pm–2:45 pm 
Dessert Break
2:45 pm–4:00 pm


The Interplay Between Social Media, SEO and Branding

Receive valuable information and insights on building brands and consumer brand loyalty, as well as associated business and legal risks, from business and legal experts in consumer research, search engine optimization and keyword usage, as well as in the use of contests, sponsorships and other branding promotions in social media.

Elizabeth Bilus, PepsiCo, Inc. (United States)

Frankie Colamarino, KnowUse Corp.  (United States)
Lisa B. Dubrow, Dubrow and Charne (United States)
Kirsten Recknagel, MotiveQuest (United States)
Will Wheeler, KnowUse Corp.  (United States)

4:00 pm–4:05 pm
Mini Break to change panels
4:05 pm–5:05 pm


What Is “Truth” In Branding, Social Media And Brand Advertising?

Social media marketing is not always a straightforward practice.  Sometimes tricks are employed in order to entice consumers. Is this false advertising?  What is “truth” in brand and social media marketing, and how can you effectively navigate the legal, regulatory and business land mines?  At this session, through the results of modern studies, you will find out what consumers understand as being “true,” the tricks that social media marketing uses to lure consumers, what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other regulations consider to be false advertising, recent enforcements, recent false advertising cases, and the role surveys play in online sales.

Lisa B. Dubrow, Dubrow and Charne (United States)
Steven M. Weinberg, Holmes Weinberg, PC (United States)
5:05 pm–5:20 pm 
5:20 pm 
5:30 pm–7:00 pm 
Welcome Reception

 Friday, October 4

8:00 am–9:00 am  
9:00 am–9:10 am 
Overview of Day Two

Steven M. Weinberg, Conference Chair, Holmes Weinberg, PC (United States)
9:10 am–10:45 am


Celebrity Branding and Endorsements 

Participate in an informative and lively discussion on celebrity brands and the use of celebrities in endorsements and sponsorships. Find out how celebrity brands develop, the role social media plays in celebrity branding and endorsements, the business and legal pros and cons of using celebrity endorsements and licenses in brand building, how to negotiate celebrity deals, as well as contract terms that are unique to these kinds of deals.

Kevin J. McDevitt, Neal & McDevitt, LLC (United States)

Ryan Beadle, JR Motorsports (United States)
Harold Brook, The Point Media, Entertainment Lawyers (United States)
Lisa B. Dubrow, Dubrow and Charne (United States)
E. Leonard Rubin, Querrey & Harrow  (United States)

10:45 am–11:00 am
11:00 am–12:15 pm


Negotiating the Multi-Channel, Global Brand License: The Licensor and Licensee Perspectives

Negotiating comprehensive, multi-channel, global brand licenses has never been more challenging in this new digital world. Our panel will identify and negotiate the crucial terms and conditions for these new age license agreements, and explain the manner in which the parties draft and negotiate provisions to address the oversight and use of social media, contests, sponsorships, sublicensing, co-branding and co-marketing.  The panelists will also discuss issues concerning the promotion and sale of licensed branded products and services online, offline and globally.

Marc A. Lieberstein, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (United States)

Anamaria Cashman (United States)
Alexandra M. Sepulveda, KABAM (United States)

12:15 pm–12:45 pm

Keynote Speech

John V.O. (Jack) Kennard, (United States)

John “Jack” Kennard is a renowned branding and marketing executive, professor and a sought-after speaker.  During his tenure at Brown-Forman Corporation, Mr. Kennard for many years had senior executive responsibility for global design services and licensing for many brands, including Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey, the most licensed distilled spirits brand in history.

Don’t miss his engaging keynote speech, “Lifelong Friendships: The Story of a Tennessee whiskey, U.S. Trademark Law, Prohibition, the Rat Pack and Global Licensing,” with insights on building, maintaining and licensing a highly successful global spirits brand.

12:45 pm–2:00 pm
Networking lunch
2:00 pm–3:00 pm


Building an International Trademark Protection Program for Brands in a Global Digital Environment

Acquire best practices in international filing and enforcement programs. Our panel of experts will share brand registration strategies, domain name strategies, discuss treaty implications, differences in law and the need for additional harmonization, analyze licensing pitfalls (trade name recapture and other challenges), whether to centralize or localize decisions over brand protection and licensing, as well as the pros and cons of joint ventures.

Ricardo Alberto Antequera H., Estudio Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez (Venezuela)

Jane Caskey, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada (Canada)
José Eduardo de V. Pieri, BM&A Barbosa, Müssnich and Aragão (Brazil)
Søren Pietzcker, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek (Germany)

3:00 pm–3:15 pm
Dessert Break
3:15 pm–5:15 pm 

Session IX

Developing and Enforcing Policies Globally for Branding and Social Media (including Privacy and Employment Issues)

Social media presents a new array of risks and organizational issues ranging from controlling what a company posts on its website, content clearance, navigating the laws of various countries and a host of privacy and employment issues, including how to create effective social media policies for employees and recent decisions by the NRLB affecting such policies.  These issues will be addressed in the context of both well-known brands and virally-built brands. 

Controlling the Brand Message:  Leading authorities will discuss how companies are organizing themselves, who in the company (what Officers, Departments, employees) is responsible for social media, how companies decide what gets posted, what controls and are in place, how to effectively clear content, how companies react to negative commentary or social media campaigns against it, how employment laws affect what employees can and cannot say in social media, and more.

Complying with Laws around the World:  Learn the do’s and don’ts of international content clearance and addressing other significant risks, privacy and data use and collection, and advertising laws and infringement in a global marketplace.

Paula Krasny, Holmes Weinberg, PC (United States)

Stephen W. Feingold, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (United States)
Dana Gilland, Diageo North America, Inc. (United States)
Brian Hengesbaugh, Baker & McKenzie (United States)

5:15 pm–5:30 pm 

Bringing it Home and Q&A

Steven M. Weinberg, Conference Chair, Holmes Weinberg, PC (United States)