Programs and Events
Programs and Events
Trademarks and the Changing Internet Landscape


 Thursday, March 7

8:30 am–5:30 pm 
Registration and Information Desk Open
9:30 am–9:45 am 

Welcome and Introductions

Sarah Deutsch, Conference Co-Chair, Verizon Communications (United States)
Brian Winterfeldt, Conference Co-Chair, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)
9:45 am–11:00 am


Global Brand Portfolio Management in an Online World

Brand owners and outside counsel will share insights, practical tips and concerns regarding:
  • Searching and clearance differences in connection with online assets.
  • Filing strategies for online products and services.
  • Protecting your brand presence in online media – domain names, social media, mobile apps, favicons and beyond.
  • Developing and administering effective online use and social media policies.
  • Update on search engine marketing and keywords.
  • Strategies and prioritization of cross-platform enforcement.
  • Best practices for staying relevant and adapting to changing platforms and consumer expectations.

Ellen Shankman, Ellen B. Shankman & Associates (Israel)

Christopher E. George, Intel Corporation (United States)
Toni Y. Hickey, Cummins Inc. (United States)
Ellen Shankman, Ellen B. Shankman & Associates (Israel)

11:00 am–11:15 am 
Networking Break
11:15 am–12:30 pm


Going Mobile: Applications, Marketplaces and More

The explosive popularity of mobile apps has brought with it a new set of legal concerns for trademark owners and practitioners.  With over one million apps in the Apple, Google Play and Windows app stores alone, and the likelihood that the worldwide app industry is well on its way to achieving 44 billion total downloads by 2016, companies are capitalizing on the marketing and revenue potential presented by a mobile app marketing strategy. Unfortunately, where there are opportunities, there lay potential dangers. 

This panel will focus on helping the trademark practitioner understand the legal landscape regarding the mobile app marketplace, including:
  • Protecting and enforcing brands in mobile marketplaces, including takedown policies and rogue apps.
  • Copyright concerns on mobile platforms, as well as international considerations.
  • Building a successful brand strategy and user base through mobile apps.

Faisal Shah (United States)

Peter Dernbach, Winkler Partners (Taiwan)
Frederick Felman, MarkMonitor (United States)
Christine K. Hsieh, Google (United States)

12:30 pm–2:00 pm
2:00 pm–3:30 pm 


Social Media Enforcement

With social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter taking the online world by storm, practitioners must develop strategies to address the unique trademark issues presented by these platforms. This session will help practitioners better understand issues surrounding the fast-growing realm of social media by addressing topics such as:

  • Developing a cohesive enforcement strategy: universal and platform-specific mechanisms and practices, including proactive strategies to limit the impact of infringement.
  • Challenges of combating counterfeit profiles, pages and merchandise on social media platforms.
  • Nonprofit organization concerns in social media enforcement.
  • Special considerations for image-based sites.
  • Creative strategies to protect your budget and social media image.

Sally Abel, Fenwick & West LLP (United States)

Anthony Falzone, Pinterest (United States)
Lori Schulman, ASCD (United States)
Eugenio Javier Torres-Oyola, Ferraiuoli LLC (United States)

3:30 pm–3:45 pm 
Networking Break
3:45 pm–4:05 pm


Internet Committee Update

Be brought up-to-date on the activities of the INTA Internet Committee and Subcommittees to fulfill the Association’s mission of promoting trademarks and protecting consumers from confusion in the evolving Internet ecosystem.

Claudio Di Gangi, International Trademark Association (United States)

Claudio Di Gangi, International Trademark Association (United States)
Adam Lindquist Scoville, RE/MAX LLC (United States)
Fabricio Vayra, Time Warner Inc. (United States)

4:05 pm—5:35 pm


Getting Your “Domains” in Order:  Best Practices in Global Domain Name Management

With the impending launch of new gTLDs and shrinking resources, now is the time to focus on refining internal policies and procedures for domain names and auditing existing portfolios.  Topics will include:

  • Developing domain name registration policies to protect brands.
  • Securing and maintaining the right domain name assets for your brands.
  • Organizing a portfolio.
  • Managing budgets for domain names.
  • Auditing domain name portfolios.
  • Developing guidelines for watch services and domain name enforcement.

Jeanene Jobst, Turner Broadcasting System (United States)

Susan Kawaguchi, Facebook, Inc. (United States)
Mona Lee, Hanol Law Offices (Korea)
Alfred W. Zaher, Blank Rome LLP (United States)

5:35 pm 
6:00 pm–7:30 pm
Welcome Reception

 Friday, March 8

8:00 am–2:00 pm
9:00 am–9:05 am

Overview of Day Two

Sarah Deutsch, Conference Co-Chair, Verizon Communications (United States)
Brian Winterfeldt, Conference Co-Chair, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)
9:05 am–9:20 am 

The New gTLD Program: Brief Update

The Conference Chairs provide a brief overview of the current status of the new gTLD program and the application landscape.

Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications (United States)
Brian Winterfeldt, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)
9:20 am–10:35 am


New gTLDs:  Opportunity or Formula for Disaster?

Many support ICANN’s introduction of new gTLDs, including entrepreneurs, Internet marketeers, existing registries and registrars. Others vehemently oppose the introduction of new gTLDs, including trademark counsel and corporate trademark owners who are concerned that potentially thousands of new gTLDs will vastly increase the capacity for fraud and misuse of trademarks and lead to insurmountable problems and disproportionate costs of enforcement. Stakeholders include governments, affinity groups and communities, trade organizations and others. 

Who is right? Or do both camps have a point?

In a “point/counterpoint” format, hear the debate among the most knowledgeable and involved international practitioners. Learn from experts who have followed the issues closely from the beginning and have been personally involved. Find out what to expect and what their concerns are, as well as the upside of the new gTLD offerings.  You will probably be surprised, likely entertained, and certainly informed.

Leslie J. Lott, Lott & Fischer PL (United States)

Andrew Abrams, Google (United States)
J. Scott Evans, Yahoo! Inc. (United States)
Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications (United States)
Debra Hughes, American Red Cross (United States)
Jonathon Nevett, Donuts Inc. (United States)
Ellen Shankman, Ellen B. Shankman & Associates (Israel)

10:35 am–10:50 am  
Networking Break 
10:50 am–11:55 am


New gTLDs – The View of Governments, Government Agencies and NGOs

Join us for a lively discussion of the concerns and views of government agencies and nonprofit groups regarding the new gTLD program, including specific applications that may potentially cause harm to consumers. Panelists will discuss the various challenges facing consumers in a world of hundreds of new gTLDs and hear from different agencies and organizations responsible for protecting the public from fraud and abuse.

Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications (United States)
Brian Winterfeldt, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)

Robert Flaim, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (United States)
Anjali Hansen, Better Business Bureau (BBB) (United States)
Shaundra Watson, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (United States)

11:55 am–12:00 pm
Mini-Break to Change Panels
12:00 pm–1:15 pm


Scaling the New Internet Landscape to Your Organization

Hear about the impact of the new gTLDs on brand owners of all sizes including large corporations, non-profits and smaller businesses, including:

  • Concerns of nonprofit brand owners on the implications of industry-focused, top-level extensions and possible harm to consumers brought on by various frauds and scams.
  • How large organizations, nonprofits and smaller businesses handle budget concerns and strategies aimed at dealing with abuses and frauds.
  • Potential benefits and/or harm to non-applicants resulting from the delegation of new gTLDs.
  • Challenges for larger organizations in adapting a robust Internet presence and domain name portfolio to include new gTLDs at the top and second level.
  • Experiences working inside ICANN’s system.

Lori Schulman, ASCD (United States)

Robyn Ettricks, The Vanguard Group, Inc. (United States)
Steve M. Levy, FairWinds Partners LLC (United States)
Vanessa Soman, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (United States)

1:15 pm–2:30 pm 
Networking Lunch
2:30 pm–3:45 pm


Global Cybersquatting Challenges in 2013 and Beyond

Participate in a discussion that looks ahead to the future of gTLDs, the adjustments that trademark owners will have to make to ensure their marks are properly protected, and more.  Topics include:

  • What challenges will trademark owners face when enforcing their brands in the post-gTLD world? 
  • Will the URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension) and Trademark Clearinghouse be useful tools? How should trademark counsel use these remedies, if at all?
  • Will the UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy) and ACPA (Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act) scale adequately for new gTLDs? Should ACPA be amended to address wide-scale cybersquatting, and if so, how?
  • How should jurisdictional problems be addressed when new registries, registrars and cybersquatters are located overseas? What remedies are needed in other national laws around the world?
  • Should WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) consider a cybersquatting treaty?
  • What advocacy opportunities are available to brand owners in connection with the new gTLD program and beyond?

Dana Brown Northcott,, Inc. (United States)

Sally Abel, Fenwick & West LLP (United States)
Rick McMurtry, Turner Broadcasting System (United States)
David Taylor, Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP (France)

3:45 pm–4:00 pm

Wrap Up / Adjourn


Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications (United States)
Brian Winterfeldt, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)

 Project Team


Exceptional topics, faculty and presentations have come to distinguish INTA programs and earn them an unmatched reputation in the field of trademark law and practice. INTA owes this achievement to the many volunteers who so willingly contribute their time and energy to this effort.

INTA would like to thank the Project Team for its excellent work in planning and presenting this conference.


Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications (United States)

Brian Winterfeldt, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (United States)


Sally Abel, Fenwick & West LLP (United States)

Jeanene Jobst, Turner Broadcasting System (United States)

Leslie J. Lott, Lott & Fischer PL (United States)

Dana Brown Northcott,, Inc. (United States)

Tamara Reznik, Expedia Inc. (United States)

Lori Schulman, ASCD (United States)

Faisal Shah (United States)

INTA Staff

Ann Eng, Director of Education, International Trademark Association (United States)

Claudio DiGangi, Manager, External Relations - Internet & the Judiciary, International Trademark Association (United States)

Paula Lee, Senior Planner, Meetings, Exhibits and Sponsorship Strategy, International Trademark Association (United States)


 Continuing Legal Education


This conference qualifies as an educational program for CLE credits and CPD Points. For more information, please email Be sure to stop by the Registration and Information Desk at the conference to sign the CLE book.