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Programs and Events
Trademarks in Japan

INTA is pleased to hold a major regional conference in Tokyo, Japan.

March 26–27, 2015
Hilton Tokyo Hotel

As a major economic power, leading the world in technological innovation and high-quality consumer exports, Japan continues to experience extraordinary commercial activity. In addition, Japan is home to several of the world’s largest automobile, electronic products and natural resources manufacturers, and it leads in the entertainment and services industries. In line with the recent amendments to the trademark law and Japan’s increased emphasis on trademarks and brands to support its economic growth, our conference is aptly entitled Trademarks in Japan. Learn from experts about:

  • Strategies for nontraditional trademarks
  • The latest developments and trends in the ASEAN Community
  • Geographical Indications
  • Online counterfeiting
  • What in-house counsel expect from outside counsel
  • Maximizing the value of your brand

This intermediate-level educational event will be conducted in both the Japanese and the English languages, and will be an ideal venue for trademark owners to meet with outside counsel ad foreign associates Attendees will be able to forge new business relationships with other participants from around the world and interact with a number of government representatives.

Keynote Speaker: Hideyuki Morooka, Director-General, Trademark and Customer Relations Department, Japan Patent Office (Japan)

Wednesday March 26, 2015
10:20am -10:45am

Mr. Hideyuki Morooka of the Japanese government has served in various departments and ministries including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Cabinet Secretariat. During his time within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Morooka has held several leadership positions and more recently in 2014 was appointed the Director-General, Trademark and Customer Relations Department of the Japan Patent Office. 

He will discuss the latest developments regarding trademark policies in Japan which includes trademark examination practices, quality management of trademark examinations, amendments to the Trademark Act and international strategies for trademarks.

Watch the below video interview with conference co-chair Mona Lee to learn more about the event: