Programs and Events
Programs and Events
Workshop: Intermediaries and Rights Holders—Working Together to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy

Attendee Directory

The Attendee Directory will be online only. You can access the Attendee Directory on the Attendee Portal from your computer.

Badges and Admittance Policy

Only persons registered as full participants for this meeting are admitted to educational sessions. Name badges must be worn at all times to gain access to all official functions. Anyone found counterfeiting, copying, or sharing badges may be subject to sanctions, up to and including removal from the meeting and revocation of his or her company’s INTA membership.


This meeting will be conducted primarily in English.


The meeting encourages business casual attire. Meeting rooms are well air-conditioned, and the inside temperature might be slightly warmer or cooler than you find comfortable. It is suggested that you dress in layers (light jackets and/or shawls are good to have with you).

Special Needs

If you have special needs (dietary, logistical, or other), please contact Dionne Downs at