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Free Trade Zones: Commerce vs Counterfeits - Dubai

Free Trade Zones: Commerce vs Counterfeits

September 28, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Balancing the economic benefit of free trade zones (FTZs) with their vulnerability to exploitation by counterfeiters remains an ongoing struggle, particularly for brand owners and IP professionals.
This one-day workshop in Dubai provides a forum for brand owners, free trade zone authorities, government officials and other key stakeholders to explore concerns, share best practices, and discover ways to combat the ongoing threat of counterfeits in FTZs.  
Workshop topics include:
How to navigate the benefits and challenges of FTZs
Best practices to identify counterfeiters and disrupt their fraudulent practices
How brand owners, government officials, and intermediaries can work together to stop the flow of counterfeits through FTZs

Note:  Onsite registration will not be available.