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Programs and Events
Branding and Social Media Conference

Learn more about the intricate business and legal issues facing modern brands in the context of social media. 

October 3–4, 2013
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hotel Sax Chicago

Branding and brand marketing are evolving at a staggering rate, and the impact of social media techniques and strategies on the development and marketing of brands is unprecedented. Never before have greater demands been placed on marketing professionals and their legal advisors to not only keep pace, but to also be ahead of the curve.

At this conference, designed for branding and marketing professionals and their legal counsel, leading authorities from the business and legal communities will provide insight into best practices on modern branding and social media as well as into the laws that govern those uses.

With a special focus on the relationship between the branding, marketing and trademark communities, topics covered will include:

  • The evolving and dramatic changes in brand development and exploitation as impacted by social media and in consumer relationships to brands
  • What works and doesn’t work in brand licensing, brand extension and product placement from the business, consumer and legal perspectives
  • Optimal use of the different kinds of social media and search engine optimization in building brands and consumer brand loyalty, and the associated business and legal risks
  • How to find the “truth” in brand and social media marketing and how to effectively navigate the legal, regulatory and business land mines
  • The business and legal pros and cons of using celebrity endorsements and licenses in brand building and how to negotiate celebrity deals
  • How to strategically negotiate multi-channel global brand licenses from the licensor and licensee perspectives
  • How to build and enforce an international trademark and domain name policy in a global digital world
  • Risk management: best practices in the challenging area of global marketing and social media policies, including privacy and employment issues, content and music clearance, and recent legal developments
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