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Coexistence Agreements in Peru


 Brochure in Spanish

Wednesday, November 23

5:00 pm–8:00 pm

Comunidad Andina
Secretaria General
Av. Paseo de la República  3895
San Isidro, Lima

Guest Speakers

  • Ms. Fátima Toche Vega, Head Official of the Andean Community IP Department
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer, Partner of Durand Abogados


  • Mr. Carlos Rabanal, Partner of Durand Abogados


I. First Topic: Coexistence Agreements in Peru (Mr. Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer, 20-30 min.)

Introduction to Coexistence Agreements, from the contractual perspective and focused within the context of Peruvian Trademark Legislation

The topic is developed giving answer to the following guiding questions:

1) What is a coexistence agreement, what is its nature and content?

2) Which effect does the coexistence agreement have in relation to the parties involved and in relation to the Trademark Authority?

3) Which effect does the coexistence agreement have in case of a non-fulfilment of a coexistence agreement?

4) Which effect does the coexistence agreement have in case of a possible infringement of consumer protection regulations and competition Law?

II. Second Topic: Coexistence Agreements in Andean Community Trademark Legislation (Ms. Fátima Toche Vega, 30-40 min.)

Introduction to Intellectual Property within the context of the Andean Community, in particular as it refers to the work of the General Secretariat of the Andean Community and the Court of Justice of the Andean Community in IP matters.

The topic is developed focusing on:

1) The regulation of the Coexistence Agreements in Decision N° 486 - Common Intellectual Property Regime of the Andean Community.
2) The Trademark Coexistence Agreement seen in the perspective of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community.

3) The question whether member countries of the Andean Community might regulate Coexistence Agreements.

III. Round of Questions (moderated by Mr. Carlos Rabanal, approximately 30 min.)

Please note: The presentations and discussions will be in Spanish.


To ensure your participation, please register by Monday, November 21 by:

Phone: +51 1 2225950 (Ms. Mónica Luyo)

There is no registration fee.