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Social Media: A Trademark Administrators Perspective


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February 28–March 11

Online social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the new frontier in trademarks and boost hundreds of millions of users. While the social media phenomenon has become a marketing boom and a great new way to increase brand recognition, trademark law has not caught up to the burgeoning phenomena. Are social media sites a threat to trademark rights? How do you navigate the user-driven social networking world? Please join us as we discuss cutting-edge issues in social media and trademarks.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Social Media Use.
  • Advertising and Marketing on Social Media.
  • Social Media Policies.
  • Trademark Infringement on Social Media Websites.
  • Domain Disputes and Social Media.

INTA's Roundtables, designed to fit perfectly into your busy schedule, are the perfect vehicle to network and trade thoughts with your peers, compare and learn new strategies, and address common issues and challenges facing the trademark and intellectual property community.

Note: INTA does not apply to the state bars for CLE credits for roundtables. You can apply for CLE credits individually from your state bar. Hosts are not permitted to market or promote themselves, their company, their products or their services at roundtables.