Programs and Events
TMA Procedures



 Discussion Outline


I. Responsibilities (Insiders’ Tips & Tricks)

A. Research
B. Investigations
C. Preparing & Supervising International Filings
D. Policing & Monitoring of Marks
E. Other Typical Responsibilities
F. Tips & Tricks  

II. Foreign Counsel / Client Relations (Insiders’ Tips & Tricks)

A. Using INTA’s new MyPowerfulNetwork to connect with Counsel and Clients
B. Foreign counsel relations
C. Client relations

III. Economic Benefits (Insiders’ Tips & Tricks)

A. Top 10 Cost Saving Tips – Discuss these tips and add your own!

IV. Educational / Professional Opportunities - Resource List

A. Sign-up to HOST an INTA Roundtable: 
B. Share your topic ideas for future TMA Roundtables:
C. Attend INTA Roundtables
D. Attend the INTA’s Trademark Administrators Conference October 2 – October 4, 2011 in Los Angeles