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Beyond the House Mark: Strategies and Considerations for Clearing Secondary Marks


Join us for a riveting discussion on “Strategies and Considerations for Clearing Secondary Marks" in our clients' branding strategies. 

At this Roundtable, we will exchange experiences and perspectives on what constitutes a secondary mark, and also assess what level of legal attention and resources can be directed to the protection of such marks in national and international markets.

We will exchange views on what the future holds for secondary marks brand owners, since these marks are increasingly being used in the stream of commerce.
Topics to be covered at this Roundtable include:

  • What is a secondary mark or sub-mark?
  • Common strategies geared toward the potential registration of secondary marks.
  • Global vs. Domestic: Would you base your clearance on market geography?
  • What to do if the cost of a global search exceeds the potential profit?
  • Rescue and Maintenance Mechanisms – once the mark is approved for use.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, roundtables are held from 12:00 pm–2:00 pm. Check your location for more details. Please bring photo ID to all roundtables in order to enter the building.