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Internet Privacy and Emerging Issues Relating to Online and New Media Enforcement


The Internet provides a constant source of changing platforms that brand owners must vigilantly police in order to preserve their rights. We will discuss how privacy issues may impact this enforcement, including issues related to WHOIS privacy. Further, mobile phone applications are a relatively new platform of enforcement, which prevent unique issues relating to enforcement. And finally, in the first of a series of roundtables dedicated to the topic, we look ahead to the new emerging Internet landscape, as we discuss some of the pros and cons related to the new gTLD process currently set to launch at the end of 2011. 

Some of the emerging questions that we will answer are:
  • How do Internet privacy issues impact brand owners? 
  • What can a brand owner do about Internet scams? 
  • How does a brand owner enforce its rights on mobile applications?  
  • And what should brand owners consider when evaluating the new gTLD roll-out?