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gTLDs: Status, Process and How is It Working?
Discussion Outline


I.  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Internet Address Expansion
       A. Current gTLDs and Anticipated Changes
             1. Generic terms (e.g., .bank or .food)
             2. Brand names (e.g., .canon or .chase)
             3. Geographic locations (e.g., .paris or .brooklyn)

       B. Application/Registration Process

             1. Timing
             2. Fees/Expenses
             3. Process

II.  To Own or Not to Own?
       A. Who should be involved in the decision?
       B. Opportunities: consider market/internet presence and extent of presence, alignment with   brand strategy, enforcement, etc.
       C. Need to weigh costs

III. Trademark Challenges
       A. Enforcement
       B. Infringement
       C. Counterfeiting
       D. Need for concrete/established strategy:

IV. Other Strategies

       A. Watch notices
       B. Review list of gTLD applications/Trademark Clearing House Database
       C. Registering brands as second level domain names in the new gTLDs?
       D. Increase in UDRP proceedings?
       E. Uniform Rapid Suspension System