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Trademark Law and Practice Updates Around the World


Get up-to-date on the many recent changes in trademark law, both within the United States and internationally. 

June 18–June 29

Discussions will cover laws and regulations in the fields of trademark prosecution, maintenance and enforcement.

Participants will discuss and share their experiences with respect to recent changes and will take back a collection of information in the form of handouts and links to available online resources.

Topics focused on the United States will include:

  • Recent Changes to the Nice Classification System.
  • Highlights of the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) 4.9 release.
  • Overview of TEAS Plus .
  • Highlights of the updated Trademark Manual of Examination Procedures (TMEP).

Topics focused on International trademark law will include:

  • Discussion of recent Changes at WIPO.
  • Overview of substantial changes in trademark practice in Latin American and the Caribbean.
  • Updates on trademark law in the Far East.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, roundtables are held from 12:00 pm–2:00 pm. Please bring photo ID to all roundtables in order to enter the building.