Programs and Events
Trademark Law and Practice Updates Around the World
Discussion Outline


I. Recent Changes to the Nice Classification System

A. The 10th Edition of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services is in force effective January 1, 2012.

II. Developments at the USPTO

B.  “Electronic” Notification of Notices of Publication
C. Highlights of TEAS 4.9 Release
D. TEAS Plus Applications
E. Highlights of Updated TMEP


III. International Updates


B. Discussion regarding trademark law and practice updates in specific countries in:

1. Europe
2. Latin America
3. Caribbean Islands
4. Asia
5. Middle East
6. Africa

IV. Information Resources

A. How do you keep track of all the changes in domestic and international law and practice?

B. Resources – Compare and discuss the usefulness of specific resources (specified in more detail in the long outline distributed at the Roundtable), including:

3. Various IP blogs and social media sites for professionals
4. INTA Country Portal
5. INTA Bulletins
6. Newsletters from local counsel
7. What other resources do you utilize or rely on to stay abreast of changes to trademark laws, procedures, and practices around the world?


V. Additional Resources and Suggested Reading

Four handouts will also be provided at the Roundtable to both facilitate discussion and provide attendees with resources to take back to their offices.  Electronic Links to additional, practical resources also will be provided to assist attendees with various aspects of their respective practices.