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Expanding your Brands – Global Clearance & Protection Issues



 Discussion Outline


I.    What factors should a brand owner consider when deciding whether to expand globally?

II.   Once the decision is made to expand, where does one start?   What mark(s), what countries, what local counsel?

III.   Search and clearance:  Why, when and where to search? 

IV.  Best practices for trademark filings abroad:  Why, when and where to file?

V.   Overseeing global trademark use:  Who is responsible for what?

VI.  Post-Registration issues:  How can you make sure the mark is properly maintained once registered?

VII.  Best practices for monitoring third party uses abroad.  What are the best options when globally monitoring a brand?

VIII.  Enforcement:  How do you design an effective corporate policy for dealing with infringement beyond your borders? 

IX.  Managing Client Expectations:  Best practices for managing client expectations as to costs, timing and enforcement issues