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Trademark Enforcement Strategies 
Discussion Outline


I.   General Enforcement Strategies

A. Offensive Strategies

1. Monitoring potential infringement of your marks by others

2. Appealing or opposing applications or registrations for marks that are identical to or confusingly similar to yours

3. Educating your consumers and resellers on how to identify genuine products (and thus readily locate counterfeits) and inform them how to report infringing activities

B. Defensive Strategies

1. Deciding which marks to protect and where to seek protection

2. Using the TM, SM,  ®, and related symbols is critical to inform others of the trademark/service mark rights you claim or the rights you are entitled to as a result of registration.

3. Maintaining your marks

4. Monitoring expiration and renewal dates

II.   Internet Enforcement Strategies

A. How do you monitor use and misuse of your/your clients’ marks on the Internet?

B. How aggressive are you in registering domain names?

C. When you discover an infringing use of your/your clients’ mark as part of a domain name, what is steps do you typically take to enforce your rights and why?