Programs and Events
Managing Worldwide Portfolios
Discussion Outline

I. Managing large portfolios

           A. Developing an Initial Filing Strategy

           B. Creation and Expansion of a Trademark Portfolio

           C. Search Reports and/or Identical Screening Searches

           D. Responsibilities and Management

           E. Managing a Large Filing Program

           F. Domain Name Management

           H. Monitoring Trademarks for Enforcement Purposes

II. Foreign associates best practices

           A. Finding and Selecting Foreign Agents

           B. Handling Translations Issues/Payment of Invoices

           C. Maintaining Good Relationships with Agents on a Long Term Basis

III. Docketing and file mainenance best practices

           A. Discussion on various docketing systems and practices (responsibility, safeguards and best practices)

           B. Discussion on File Maintenance (paper files and electronic files)