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Whose Content Is It Anyway? IP Issues in Social Media

Don't miss the latest TMA Roundtable! Learn the benefits and pitfalls of social media in your practice.

October 15–25, 2013

This roundtable encourages discussion of the attendees’ experiences with social media. Attendees will examine the value of social media to their company and/or clients in terms of marketing, customer relations, and mark clearance, as well as the risks associated with using social media and strategies for mitigating them.
Use of social media in your business
Discover the social media benefits for your company.
Evaluation of who owns social media content
Examine the interests involved and develop strategies to mitigate the risks.
Manage third-party “share” and user generated content in a commercial context.
Enforcement on social media sites
Learn how to identify and prioritize threats to your company’s/client’s intellectual property in social media and how to address them.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, roundtables are held from 12:00 pm–2:00 pm. Please bring photo ID to all roundtables in order to enter. Please note that roundtable registration is now online only.

INTA is seeking volunteers to host this Roundtable in various U.S. cities. All you need to do is secure an available conference room, order lunch and facilitate the conversation using the outline that has been developed. INTA will reimburse you for the cost of the meal. Please contact if you are interested in hosting this Roundtable.