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Social Media and Intellectual Property – The Good, Bad and Ugly 

Join your colleagues for an interactive and informative discussion about practical solutions to unique intellectual property issues in social media.

Social Media and Intellectual Property – The Good, Bad and Ugly

January 22–February 1, 2013

The innovations and expansion of social media that have created new opportunities for businesses and consumers have created new challenges for trademark owners. 

This roundtable discussion will be interesting and useful to anyone concerned about resolving the perils created by unauthorized trademark use on social media.

The discussion will cover issues involved in protecting trademarks from challenges created by various social media services.  Practitioners, who attend, will be able to discuss:

  • When social network sites constitute “use in commerce”.
  • How social network sites divert other social media users to commerce websites or posts about products for sale.
  • When search engines sales of key words and diversion of Internet traffic constitutes actionable infringement.
  • Threats posed by social media and how to establish and protect marks from those threats.
  • Challenges created by social media vanity names, fan pages and community pages and ways to stop infringement on them.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, roundtables are held from 12:00 pm–2:00 pm. Please bring photo ID to all roundtables in order to enter the building. Please note that roundtable registration is now online only.