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Dissecting the U.S. Trademark Application

Don’t miss INTA's Roundtable on best practices for U.S. trademark applications and learn the latest strategies.

February 3–14, 2014

At this roundtable, we will discuss Dissecting the U.S. Trademark Application. Other topics include:

  • Receiving a granted trademark registration starts with a solid plan and a well prepared application.
  • Strategize about how to best use the TEAS or TEAS-Plus filing options to your advantage.
  • Consider the appropriate filing bases and priority claims.
  • Discuss the ins and outs of the various “Additional Statements” available in an application, including 2(f) claims.
  • Specimen issues anyone? Compare notes with your colleagues regarding acceptable and non-traditional specimens.
  • Share on best practices in order to get that gold seal.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, roundtables are held from 12:00 pm–2:00 pm. Please bring photo ID to all roundtables in order to enter. Please note that roundtable registration is now online only.

INTA is seeking volunteers to host this Roundtable in various U.S. cities. All you need to do is secure an available conference room, order lunch and facilitate the conversation using the outline that has been developed. INTA will reimburse you for the cost of the meal. Please contact if you are interested in hosting this Roundtable.