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Decisions You Need To Know: Key Trademark Cases from 2014
Discussion Outline

Key Supreme Court and T.T.A.B. Decisions of 2014

I. Supreme Court

     A. Pom Wonderful LLC v. Coca-Cola Company

     B. Hana Financial, Inc. v. Hana Bank & Hana Financial Group

     C. B&B Industries, Inc. v. Hargis Industries, Inc.

II.  Precedential Decisions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

     A. Oppositions

        1. Law-related Decisions:
           a. Weider Publications, L.L.C. v. D&D Beauty Care Co., L.L.C. (Opposition No. 91199352)

           b. Frito-Lay North America, Inc. v. Princeton Vanguard, L.L.C. (Opposition No. 91195552; Canc. No. 92053001)

           c. The Board of Regents, The University of Texas System v. Southern Illinois Miners, L.L.C. (Opposition No. 91183196; 91183698)

           d. Hunter Indus., Inc. v. The Toro Co. (Opposition No. 91203612)

           e. Inter Ikea Systems, B.V. v. Akea, L.L.C. (Opposition No. 91196527)

            f. Chanel, Inc. v. Jerzy Makarczyk (Opposition No. 91208352)

            g. Kristin Marie Conolty d/b/a Fairway Fox Golf v. Conolty O’Connor NYC, L.L.C. (Opposition No. 91206045)

            h. Harry Winston, Inc., et al. v. Bruce Winston Gem Corp. (Opposition No. 91153147)

            i. McDonald’s Corp. v. McSweet, L.L.C. (Opposition Nos. 91178758 and 91192099)

        2. Procedure-related Decisions

            a. Hot Tamale Mama...and More, L.L.C. v. SF Investments, Inc. (Opposition No. 91209030)

            b. Sterling Jewelers Inc. v. Romance & Co., Inc. (Opposition No. 91207312)

            c. FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc. v. Sonoscape Co., Ltd. (Opposition No. 91201727)

            d. Ate Mt Heart, Inc. v. Ga GA Jeans Ltd. (Opposition No. 91205110)

     B. Cancellations

        1. SARL Corexo v. Webid Consulting Ltd. (Cancellation No. 92056456)

        2. Coach Braunsdorf Affinity, Inc. v. 12 Interactive, L.L.C. (Cancellation No. 92051006)

        3. Bayer Consumer Care AG v. Belmora L.L.C. (Cancellation No. 92047741)

        4. Blackhorse, et al v. Pro-Football, Inc. (Cancellation No. 92046185)

     C. Concurrent Use Proceedings

        1. Peter Turdin, Jr. v. Trilobite, Ltd. (Concurrent Use No. 94002505)

        2. Boi Na Braza, L.L.C. v. Terra Sul Corporation (Concurrent Use No. 94002525)

     D. Other

        1. In re U.S. Tsubaki, Inc.  (Serial No. 85267349)