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Nontraditional Trademarks: Prosecution and Enforcement Strategies

Sign up today to discuss prosecution and enforcement strategies for nontraditional trademarks. 

July 13-24, 2015
Various US Cities

The Lanham Act’s definition of a trademark is expansive enough to include a myriad of source identifiers beyond mere words and logos, including a variety of nontraditional trademarks such as product packaging and design, color, sound, scents, flavors and textures. The focus of this Roundtable is to discuss prosecution and enforcement strategies for such nontraditional trademarks. We will also touch on other types of nontraditional trademarks encountered by trademark practitioners, such as fluid marks and phantom marks, and best practices for those unusual marks as well.

INTA is seeking volunteers to host this Roundtable in various U.S. cities. All you need to do is secure an available conference room, order lunch and facilitate the conversation using the outline that has been developed. INTA will reimburse you for the cost of the meal. Please contact if you are interested in hosting this Roundtable.