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Nigeria Roundtable Program: IP and ADR in Nigeria- To be or not to be? (Possibilities and Threats)

Nigeria Roundtable Program

IP and ADR in Nigeria - To be or not to be? (Possibilities and Threats)

22nd September 2017

9.30 am

Lagos Court of Arbitration , Lekki , Lagos 

English (if other than English, provide a second announcement in the language preferred) 

ADR in intellectual property matters (save for Arbitration in licensing/ franchising matters) is a developing area and needs to be paid serious attention to, particularly as Nigeria is an emerging market looking to create an environment attractive and protective of intellectual property holders. ADR mechanisms particularly mediation enhance the justice delivery system and the possibilities and the threats need to be identified.

The round table proposes ‎ to discuss the following items:

1. The current state of the law regarding IP and ADR in Nigeria at the Nigerian Trademarks registry

2.‎The current state of the law regarding IP and ADR Mechanisms in the current courts system 

3. Are the possibilities to improve the present state affairs? (For instance should there be law reform? Should there be Programs to heighten awareness‎ in the corporate and legal worlds on the merits of ADR Mechanisms in IP matters?

4. What are the potential pitfalls and threats standing in the way of resolution of IP Matters through ADR?

5. What are the International best practices ‎regarding integrating ADR into IP Matters both at the Trademark's registry and in the courts systems? Example the United States.

Guest Speakers:
Felicia Boyd ; Tunde  Fagbohunlu SAN FCI. Arb; Professor Bankole Shodipo.

Moderator (if not the Host):
Mark Mordi

Host name and firm details:
Aluko & Oyebode , 1 Murtala  Muhammed  Drive ( Formerly Bank Road Ikoyi, Lagos