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Roundtable: 3D Trademarks—What’s New?

3D Trademarks—What’s New?

As a result of the adoption of the new trademark package in the EU, 3D trademarks have become a hot topic, including the introduction of new rules on what can be included in the registration of these types of trademarks. EUIPO has published a revised version of its “Guidelines for Examination of EU Trademarks” which makes certain clarifications in this respect. 

There have also been some recent cases in this area. EU member states need to implement the new rules by mid-January 2019. The new rules will place additional requirements on national IP offices to handle applications for 3D trademarks. 

Gustav Melander and Pirjo Aro-Helander have represented Sweden, Finland and the national Patent and Registration Offices in discussions with the European Commission regarding the new implementing regulation, and have also been actively involved in various harmonization projects. Listen to their views on the topic and participate in a discussion about the future of 3D trademarks.

March 20, 2018 

Breakfast: 8:30 am–9:00 am
Roundtable: 9:00 am–10:30 am 

Kasarmikatu 21 A 
Helsinki, Finland 


Kaisu Korpua, Brand Protection Counsel, Roschier

Host and Firm Details: 
Erik Ficks, Roschier Attorneys Ltd. 

Guest Speaker: 
Gustav Melander

Mr. Melander is currently a legal advisor at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office where he has worked since 2008. As of March 5, 2018, he joined Roschier as a senior brand protection lawyer. Between 2012 and 2016 he was a Seconded National Expert with both the Opposition Division and the 5th Board of Appeal at EUIPO.

Guest Speaker:
Pirjo Aro-Helander

Pirjo Aro-Helander is the head of Division at Finnish Patent and Registration Office, where she has worked since 2002. She is currently In charge of all processes and matters concerning trademarks and designs, including domestic and international cooperation and drafting of legislation.

This event is free of charge.