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Searching for a Common Language: China–Italy Integration Through Economics and Law


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Wednesday, June 8
9:00 am–5:00 pm

Fondazione Colocci
via Angeloni, 3

The event analyzes opportunities and obstacles for companies operating in China, deriving from different legal systems in Italy and China. Specific attention is paid to innovative topics such as intellectual property protection tools. Academic experts meet with highly experienced practitioners to discuss on some of the most relevant problems companies are facing while trading/investing in China. Some recent case studies are also analized.


9.00 am–Registration

Part I 
9:30 am–1:00 pm

Chair: Laura Marchegiani, University of Macerata

China as an opportunity: Trade and Foreign direct investments

Italian companies in China: an overview
Thomas Rosenthal, China–Italy Foundation, Cattolica University

New business opportunities: managing savings in China
Alessandro Varaldo, Intesa Sanpaolo, Board Member of Penghua Fund Management Co (Shenzen)

Chinese Investments in Italy: new integration opportunities
Francesca Spigarelli, University of Macerata; Federica Monti, University Roma Tre

International and business law: integration vehicle?

Recent innovation in Chinese business law
Laura Formichella, University of Rome Tor Vergata, of Counsel NCTM

Chinese Law and Roman Law. Contract drafting
Enrico Toti, Universita ofi Roma Tre; of Counsel NCTM

Environment, worker rights and human rights: International standard and corporate social responsibility
Angelica Bonfanti, University of Milano

Italian companies in China: challenges for in-house lawyers.
Umberto Simonelli, General Counsel Brembo, Director Brembo China

Part II
2:30 pm–5:00 pm

Chair: Roberto Acquaroli, University of Macerata

Intellectual property: opportunities and risks

Transmitting or creating knowledge? Intellectual Property rights in the Confucian view and the need for contemporary approach in international commercial law
Paolo Farah, University di Torino e Milano, CASCC Torino

Industrial property rights in the Chinese Law: administrative and judicial remedies
Alessandro Gasparini, University of Bologna

Trade mark protection: criminal profiles 
Davide Sangiorgio, Lunghini–Sangiorgio, Milano

A case of IP litigation in China: Ariston
Federica Santonocito, Franzosi, Dal Negro, Pensato, Setti

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The roundtable will be conducted in Italian. Admittance to the roundtable is free.