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 Exhibitors and booth numbers

 Booth #                Exhibitor   
 11  Anaqua
 14   Brandstock AG
  8  CheckMark Network
  4  Computer Packages Inc.
  3  Corporation Service Company
  9  Corsearch
  2  Dennemeyer & Co LLC.
  6  Dependable Solutions, Inc.
  1  Kessler International
  5  Marksmen
 12  Multisearch®, a Knijff Trademark Attorneys Service
 10  S.M.D. Markeur Schutz Marken Dienst GmbH
 13  Safenames
 15  The Treadstone Group, Inc.
  7  Thomson Reuters

 Exhibitor Profiles


Booth Number: 11

The Leader in Trademark Management Software and Services

Anaqua’s trademark management software provides online collaboration for search request and clearance, trademark registration, One-Page Docketing™ , oppositions and licensing plus integrated renewal payment services.  Anaqua provides hosted and onsite solutions configured for leading brand owners, for smaller IP teams and for law firms.


Brandstock AG
Booth Number: 14

Trademark services and tools for efficient, cost-effective management

Brandstock specializes in providing global support to trademark owners by managing assignment projects, renewals, searches with risk assessments.  Our benchmarking studies and cost calculation tools save time and reduce your costs.  Clients benefit from the professionalism, expertise, communications skills and attentive client service of our Munich-based lawyers, paralegals and specialists who understand your needs and objectives.  Brandstock’s client account managers and reliable, timely service are the foundations of our "made in Germany" quality trademark.  

CheckMark Network
Booth: 8

Trademark, Domain, Internet and Social Media Watching.

10 years of artfully merging skilled trademark experience with technology has kept CheckMark at  the forefront of the evolving world of IP protection. Our global monitoring services include official gazettes, domain names,  the World Wide Web and Social Media Networks. CheckMark: your global, cross-platform, cross-media, Intellectual Property partner.

Computer Packages Inc.
Booth Number: 4

Serving the Intellectual Property Community Since 1968

CPI maximizes your use of the system and removes frustration by providing unlimited support in the US and Europe.  Our unique feature includes paperless management. We also have a unique patent Data Audit Service, essential for acquisitions and divestitures.  Our new Real Time Patent System reduces cost, risks and improves patent management by downloading electronic patent office data into your patent system.  Our IDS system significantly reduces risk and labor in the management of IDS.

Booth Number: 9

Corsearch’s innovative tools, personalized service, and quality research enable trademark and brand professionals to effectively manage their trademark screening, search review, and watching processes worldwide. Innovative technology tools empower customers to quickly, easily, and flexibly monitor, clear, and protect their brands.

Corporation Service Company
Booth Number: 3

Trademark, Domain Management and Brand Protection Services

Corporation Service Company provides legal and financial services for many of the world’s largest companies, law firms, and financial institutions. Founded in 1899, CSC reduces risks and costs for clients by providing brand protection, corporate governance and compliance, litigation and matter management, and deal and transaction support services. CSC is the only trusted partner that can help you navigate and balance the challenges associated with doing everything from screening and clearing new brands to monitoring and enforcing against infringement. CSC is also ranked number 1 in Quality of Service for domain names and online services according to World Trademark Review.

Dennemeyer & Co LLC.
Booth Number: 2

Global IP Management Service Provider with 50 Years Experience
Dennemeyer & Co is the premier resource for global IP management including Trademark Renewals, Patent Annuities, IP Consulting and Intellectual Asset Management Software. In conjunction with Dennemeyer & Associates, the Dennemeyer Group offers the full range of legal and non-legal IP related services worldwide. Dennemeyer services and products empower our clients to better create, manage, and commercialize their IP assets. With Dennemeyer you achieve value through increased revenue, cost savings and stronger competitive advantage.

Dependable Solutions, Inc.
Booth: 6

Web based licensing management software company

Dependable Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of brand licensing, royalty and approval systems to licensors, licensing agencies and licensees around the world.  Our web based software allows clients to share contract data both inside and outside your company to bring all your employees and partners together on one system.

Kessler International
Booth: 1

The Global Leader in Brand Protection

For almost twenty five years, Kessler International has been the recognized world leader in brand protection, providing services including trademark investigations, trademark acquisitions, Internet monitoring, domain acquisitions, royalty compliance audits, anti-counterfeiting, anti-diversion & more. Team Kessler's expertise provides a swift resolution to even the most daunting I.P. issues. With offices worldwide, the latest technology & decades of investigative experience, Kessler provides its clients with professional solutions that are precise, accurate & complete. Kessler International... Where Lies Go To

Marksmen Inc.
Booth Number: 5

A world leader in brand protection services

Packing business savvy and undercover know how, Marksmen has inexorably become a worldwide leader in IP investigations, domain brokering and other brand protection services. We keep vigilance the world over for trademark owners from offices in the US along with alliance partners and strategic field assets all over the planet.


Multisearch®, a Knijff Trademark Attorneys Service
Booth Number: 12

Trademark Clearance and Legal Services
Multisearch® is the trademark clearance & search service of Knijff Trademark Attorneys. Since 1989, Knijff Trademark Attorneys, with 60 employees, is one of the leading providers of professional trademark services within Europe. We offer our clients a dedicated service, professional search reports, profound legal advice and attractive rates. Our client portfolio includes several top 100 multinationals.


S.M.D. Markeur Schutz Marken Dienst GmbH
Booth Number: 10

Searching and Monitoring

We search, monitor and provide information on trademarks, companies, domains, patents,
industrial designs and titles of publications. Our clients say that our customer service is extremely flexible and that we are able to customize our services to their individual needs. Thanks to our large network of local attorneys, we also provide trademark availability searches, including legal opinions.

NEW: We have introduced several new searches this year. Please contact us to obtain further details!

Booth Number: 13

Domain Portfolio Management and Online Brand Enforcement

Specializing in corporate domain portfolio management and online trademark infringement protection, Safenames is directly accredited with 120 different country code registries. We are able to register domain extensions in every country and territory in the world, and meet any local contact requirements.

Thomson CompuMark
Booth Number: 7

The undisputed global leader in trademark research, online clearance and brand protection – we now cover 186 countries and trademark jurisdictions!

Thomson CompuMark, a business of Thomson Reuters, offers the industry’s broadest range of trademark research, online clearance and brand protection solutions, backed by superior customer service and decades of industry experience. Innovative products like the SERION® integrated online trademark environment and SAEGIS® online trademark screening help you achieve greater certainty, while reducing the time, cost, and complexity of researching and managing trademark portfolios. Learn about all the new authorities we added this year!  Tel: +1-800-692-8833.

The Treadstone Group, Inc.
Booth Number: 15

Experience and thoroughness trumps theatrics

No other firms have more experience managing complex, multinational investigations or anonymously acquiring I.P. rights. We are renowned for our rigorous selection of the industry's most knowledgeable and proficient investigators and negotiators, who are guided by their intuitive thinking, curiosity, empathy, passion, and perseverance.